Monday, May 16

I'm a "3rd Year" Herdswoman:)

Happy Monday!!  Monday shmonday I say. 
The only way I know it's Monday is because my english-speaking Honduran doesn't work Sunday and returns today.  I can now communicate.

But today is is the beginning of a small happy-dance celebration.

This week marks my 3rd year anniversary as "Herdswoman", "Woman of the Herd", "Mother of the Bovine", "Dairy Queen", "Blanca Diablo"...that last one I hear most often..

Anyway I am pretty excited to have made it this long and still have my wits about me.  Maybe I'll get a fancy pen to wear on my lapel on pants-suit-Tuesday.

OK maybe I meant "wit". 

But really I don't need anything.  I know they appreciate me..I mean how could they not? By "they" I mean my animals.  Maybe..just maybe..its I who am truly appreciative of them.

Here I am gettin all sappy..

I discovered yesterday that I have over 700 pictures on my phone!  They go all the way back to when I began transforming my herd...You may not be surprised considering the amount of them I share on facebook but I was! 

I LOVE what I do.  No joke it's the hardest thing I have ever tackled..but also the most rewarding.  It is still very much a in case you were wondering..and probably will be until the Muck Boot company makes pink chore-boots.  Oh PleasePleasePlease!  But I plug-along daily trying to win with the cards I'm dealt...calf-puller in hand.  (I mean really?? Have you seen me? This can only pull so much on its own.)

This is a tribute to my herd.  The ladies who put up with my BIG ideas and small arms(that last one is to their advantage really).

Though they don't do much talking they have taught me many things in the past 3 years..

Relationships are full of give and take.  Sometimes unlikely friendships occur and you play off of each other.
(that's a cat getting licked on the head btw)

Being top-dog is not all its cracked up to learn by sitting back and listening.

No one likes a approachable! Smile and make people wonder what's going on!

Creativity is a must.  At times beating the heat is necessary...

but NEVER take it for granted!

That morning sunshine is the best feeling in the world..and the early bird gets the worm,

however rest time is equally important!

A problem can seem impossible to solve

but things always work out in the end.

Bad things can happen to those who are defenseless..

and it seems like you need a superhero to save you!

Then, like a miracle, your knight in shining armour comes to save the day!

Don't EVER forget where you came from...

being different is GOOD!!

Because no matter where you came from or what you look like NO ONE loves you more than momma.

Even if you do stupid things...

after the smoke clears remember..

tomorrow is a NEW day!!  Full of possibilities!

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  1. Love it! Happy third anniversary!


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