Wednesday, May 18

My Ghetto Garden

I want to start out by giving a shout to all my fans..the 5 of you who keep reading my blog.  It warms my heart to know that when you are in desperate need of something to do you turn to me.

I also want to take this moment to tell you how a-mazing dinner was last night!  Yes, I did make it but last nights was exceptional because I did not use one.single.recipe.  Ha!  Rosemary pork tenderloin(rosemary from my OWN garden thank you), mashed potatoes(flavored with Gruyere, garlic and rosemary), asparagus(with toasted sesame oil), cornbread..oh and I made a Dijon-mushroom sauce to go with. 

But by far the best part was the cherry-peach crisp with vanilla ice cream=Heaven.

Chucks dad, Saigon, seemed to enjoy it was well...he and Chuck both share a love for food-testing.  And I am thankful for that.

Saigon comes over, eats and we talk about my garden while Chuck makes fun of my new found plant love.

I don't think I have ever talked about my garden before.  That is my 'ghetto garden'.  I'm pretty tickled with it really.  Apartment-living is not always conducive to gardening..what with space and light requirements but I make it work.

I decided to plant an herb garden because I was tired of paying $1.99 for 3 sprigs of Rosemary..I mean come.on.  So I bought the herbs I use most mint because it seemed necessary..and voila!!

That's it bottom left..with flowers for color:)
I decided I had better tell Chuck and after making fun of me for hours he gave me his full support!  Woohoo!

So...after that I somehow ended up acquiring 7 heirloom tomato plants..those that you see on the right in the picture.  I didn't bother telling Chuck because I knew he would already make fun of  love the idea!  Tomato plants need a lot of soil..(don't EVER go into a garden center and tell them you need a bag of "dirt"..bad baaaaad idea. It is "soil" and they think very highly of it)..and all I had was a single pot that Holly used to live in.  Ummmm about Holly..she was a Christmas Cactus that I got Chuck one time when he was sick(because everyone knows a Christmas Cactus brings the joy).  Anyway, Holly contracted some sort of life-ending disease that had to do with dehydration..don't ask..the medical terminology is tremendous. 

I digress.

So ONE tomato plant had a home...I looked around and being that I am creative I grabbed Chuck's mop-bucket.  Really?  I once cleaned the floor with a (single) Clorox wipe.  Do we need a bucket?  Besides I was fulfilling its bucket-dream of providing life!  Right!? 

I didn't bother telling Chuck because I set them on the table DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the patio door, so that when the blinds were open we could enjoy the view of the garden...I did not, however, take into account that he is possibly the most oblivious person on.the.planet.

Me: "Hey honey did you open those blinds today?"
Chuck: "Yeah I was letting some light in...why?"
Me:  "Oh(pause, pause, pause) nothing.Nevermind."
Then he saw it...
Chuck:  "You used my mop bucket??  How am I going to mop the floor??"


The next day...

It was Hello-Kitty'd.


  1. Is that a rubbermaid container under the 'plant stool'?.....

    Also, I found a new favorite in the cooking oil department....Blood orange olive oil. It is awesome drizzled over asparagus with a dash of sea salt before grilling. Mmmmm

  2. I don't know what rubbermaid container you are referring to..

    I wish Kroger carried fun oil..for cooking that is. They are beginning to branch out but grapeseed seems to be the as 'wild' as it comes.

  3. So my dairy, cooking loving need to try some REAL mac n cheese. It requires a trip to the deli counter at Kroger b/c you won't find it in the aisle. Some vermont sharp white cheddar, muenster, provolone, and SMOKED gruyere (the best cheese you've EVER put in your mouth) and some mozerella if you want to make it a little milder. With heavy cream and some butter. SOOO fattening, But it is SOOO flipping good.

    Like 'slap your momma' kind of good.

    And you should get one of those upside down tomato thingies! You could have a bunch on an apartment balcony!

    And WHERE do you find blood orange olive oil (ditto the Kroger oil comment!)?

  4. Kristy-
    Don't worry I know the specialty cheeses very well..I'll not buy the cheap stuff when I cook..full flavor baby.


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