Saturday, May 14

I'm So Pretty

I really don't expect much out of my day.  If nothing dies, blows up or overheats then I consider that a victory. 

Small victories are what I am made of.  After all you can't have everything...right?

Chuck and I don't live in the illusion that we are rocket scientists.  I do something dumb?  I fix it Realfast.  He does something dumb?  I brush it off and don't make a big deal about it...but I sure don't forget.  Those things I stick in my back pocket in times of need.  Like when I locked my keys in my truck...really?  Are you sure you wanna spar with me big boy???  Mr. "are all white horses deaf?".  That's what I thought.

We lovingly call these "pretty moments".  I had one Thursday night...and I am gonna confess it.

Yesterday was Caden's 10th birthday(yay!) so I made him brownies and wanted to make it more 'special' by creating a banner to hang in his room.  So I drug out all the construction paper, ribbon, scissors and glue sticks...made him a sign and decided to hang it over his bed.  Just so you know I am a creative force.  I come up with some fan-freakin-tastic ideas but when it comes to the follow-through I tend to lose interest and just try to get it done.

That being said, I finished the banner and hung it over his bed just as Chuck was walking in.  "Loook!" I said with wide eyes like I just wrote my name for the first time.  Him "Happy Birthday Caden..aww that's nice!"  We both stood there for a hot-minute looking at the masterpiece...

Then I noticed it (DOT DOT DOT)

The banner said "Birthday Happy Caden"....Ok now read it again cuz you probably did the same thing we did and put it in correct order without thinking...

Yeah and the moment I noticed it was far too late..I couldn't shoo him out RealFast and fix instead my face turned stop-light red and I shrugged and said "well, you can't have everything".




  1. Bless him.... Sorry, Chuck, they're all deaf, not blind. Sheesh.



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