Saturday, May 7

Mental Eyeroll

You would think that arriving at work by 6am and leaving around 6pm, 6 days/week (on Sunday I leave at 830pm), I would be prepared for what could possible happen (go wrong) the next day.  You would be so wrong.  The cards are stacked against me.  I work with cattle, temperamental machinery and (sigh) Hondurans.  The cows just mess with me, the equipment has a death wish and the Hondurans DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH.  Notice I did not use the word 'can't'..they simply don't try. 

 Anyway, I finished feeding calves this morning (which I truly enjoy because they are always happy to see me) and sat down in the office to check my email.  Let me just say that I try not to be around the dairy barn during milking time because my workers will ask me possibly the dumbest questions and if I am not there to solve the mystery then they will figure it out..or call me.  I HATE it when they call.  This means that something has gone terribly wrong OR they can't figure out why the lights in the tank room won't work..yeah that happened.  I arrived at work that morning (at 4am) to find that the light switch was off (mental eyeroll).  Today Victor(the name he chooses to go by) came into the office, stood there, yelled "HOLA", then proceeded to say a wholebunchofstuff realfast.  From the 5-minute conversation (during which I spoke with my eyes) I got the we are out of oxytocin(look it up).  Being that I get this from my vet and he is in Madisonville, I tell Victor "ok". He stands there smiling, nodding.  I say "ok".  He motions for me to follow.  (sigh, mental eyeroll, sigh).  I say "I'll get SOME"...yeah I kinda yelled that last word because everyone knows if you SAY IT REAL LOUD AND SLOW THEY WILL UNDERSTAND.  He leaves.  Then I remembered that we were close to being out of dish soap yesterday..super. Can't wait for THAT conversation.

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