Tuesday, January 17

Wimpy and Laddy

The guys!
The fellas!
The duuuuudes!

Have you ever been in that awkward situation, where you are hanging out with your significant other AND your bestie and the SAME time, and your bestie won't get the hint?


OK, have you ever sat down to check your email and you are talking to someone, and instead of leaving they stand behind you and check your email WITH you?


OK, have you ever needed to use the restroom and your bestie followed you in?


...Then you don't know how Wimpy feels.

Meet Wimpy,

He is a 30-something Quarter horse with a lot of experience.
Don't be fooled by the name, he is certainly no pansy.

Originally from the great state of Oklahoma, he has travelled hundreds of miles, and roped thousands of steers in his life.

Wimpy has seen it all.
He finally made it to his retirement pasture, which he has no problem sharing with the dry cows.

Wimpy may be all rough on the exterior, however inside he is a big softy.

Occasionally newborn babies wander to him, at which time he takes it upon himself to adopt them. 
Then, like any cautious parent, bites their mother on the rear when she decides to start taking some responsibility!

Any normal horse would become fat and unkempt, but not Wimpy!
He understands the importance of physique, in an image-conscious world.
Once the long hair and mud is shed, he reveals a toned exterior with rippling, well-earned muscles.

Every hero needs a sidekick, and Wimpy is no different.

Enter Laddy.

Laddy is a Morgan, ex-hunter/jumper, with a dependency issue.

If you were Wimpy, I was me, Laddy would be Dupree.

Laddy is the gravy to Wimpy's mashed potatoes.
The jelly to his biscuit.
The increasing pain in his big brown neck.

Unlike Wimpy, Laddy has zero self-control when it comes to eating.
He was fitted with a grazing muzzle last summer, and the ONLY way to catch Laddy was by catching Wimpy.

If Wimpy is in the barn, Laddy is in the barn.
If Wimpy slips around the corner, Laddy....FREAKS OUT!

"Wimpy...WIMPY??? Dude, I've been looking for your everywhere! Don't scare me like that!  I was all drinking water, then turned around and...WOAH! You were totally not there.  So just like, let me know next time."


Wimpy has accepted the fact that he can't shake Laddy, though he would do just fine without him.

The bond between them is undoubtedly one-sided, but that's OK, they balance each other out.
It's a modern day bromance.


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