Wednesday, January 4

Out With the New, in With the New Old

...or something like that.

I gotta update you on Chuck's situation.
(Reader's Digest version...youcanthankmelater.)

So...about 4 years months ago Chuck went to work for the railroad.
It wasn't a good fit, to say the least.
Today he starts back at the Sheriff's Office on evening shift, still a Sergeant.

(BetweenYouAndMe, the county needed my partnering skills.)

I asked him last night if I needed to get sworn in again, or refitted for my uniform...he laughed.
I'm still waiting on my carry permit...something about a psychological test somethingorother.

I reckon you know what this means, don't ya? Hmmm? Hmmm?
This means that Chuck will be working EVENINGS, duh.  Keep up.
Which means, I will have unlimited time to bake or cook or not clean!
(I think we're all winners here.)

OK, now that we have all of that business out of the way...did you know it did not get above 30 degrees yesterday?
Wait...sorry did not even REACH 30 yesterday.

Sorry for screaming..but it all wells up inside me.

As a matter of fact, this is what it looked like yesterday... my dry cow lot.
(That pretty, green field is Barley.  This site is educational too, ya know.)

5866 doesn't like the cold either.
Luckily the sun was out, if it had not been Edna would have cried.
(I cannot control this woman's emotions.)

Each time I walked by the office, I looked at the temperature gauge at it was STILL on 21.
(I even tapped it, youknowIdid, and it wasn't stuck.)
So I tried to situate myself in the sun, as much as I could.

Calf feeding time rolled around and Edna revolted.
She had alllll of the cold she was taking, and decided to be a straight up pain.

I started mixing a bucket of milk(ya know, powder and water) and grabbed the big, honkin', whisk, only to find that I.couldn'
There we were on the last lap, headed to the finish line and Edna decided to pull some geriatric stunt.
Pffffft! I'll show her!

I positioned the whisk in my hand and up my forearm, and used my whole body to move it.

Today it is supposed to get up to 46...right now it's -46.
I am already dreaming of a blistering hot shower.

Who'd a thought I hit my prime when I was 25?!


P.s. If you want me to be completely, brutally honest...ask me when it's 20 degrees outside.


  1. Please tell me there is a video of the powdered-milk-whisk dance...


  2. 10 degrees hee this morning... and I looked at it 3 times to make sure I wasn't reading it if,lol.


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