Thursday, January 26

Milk Jugs and Little Brown Pugs

...that's what my fiance' calls my blog.

I call him my "financie".
We're even.

I'm pretty tickled this morning for two reasons.

Reason 1:  I have my FIRST dress fitting today!

I have mentioned before that I am having it made, and today is the fitting for the dress/slip/thing that goes under the lace.
It's complicated.
I'll let you know how it goes.

Reason 2:  IMadeCupcakesLastNight.
(I had to say it fast because reason number 1 was listening, shaking it's head.  Pffft!LikeYou'rePerfect.)

Anyway, I was forced to make cupcakes last night in order to test out the wrappers I am going to use at the wedding reception.
Yep, we're having cupcakes.

Listen here, wrappers are a big deal.
I mean, you go plain and how does that look on the cupcake stand?
Not good.  That's how.

NotToMention, you don't want a wrapper that keeps half of the cake on it, after you have peeled it off!
Major wrapper fail.

So The Heat bought some pretty white wrappers, and I got some that were supposed to look like tulips..or something.

I decided on Sweetapolita's Campfire Delight  cupcakes.
Sweetapolita has a beautiful blog which highlights some of the wonderful, dreamy confections she creates.
(If we were neighbors, I wouldn't be able to go to my fitting today...I would just cry.)

ANYway, these cupcakes were the ones to make.
They are a light, dark chocolate cake, with toasted marshmallow cream in the center and malted chocolate frosting.
Can I get an "Amen"?

The recipe made 24..which was 20 more than I needed but I'm sure I'll find something to do with them;).

The pink thing beside the cupcake is a tissue paper flower that I made as an idea for reception decor.
It's cute..but I found a better one.

Here's the cupcake in all of its glory...

 I die a little bit when I see them.
Oh, and I decided on the wrappers that Mrs. Heat picked!

They bake up beautifully and ...

Unwrap without a hitch!

Then...oh and cut into them...

...and if you're like me (which I hope you're not), it all falls apart.
But that's OK!

All of the toasted marshmallow buttercream, mixes with the malted chocolate frosting and dark chocolate cake, and suddenly you're like.."what dress fitting?"...
Yeah.  IDidThat.

You should check out here site...her pictures are much better than she has lots of great recipes.

The next one I am going to make is the Six-Layer Dark Chocolate and Strawberry Buttercream Cake!
...But not the night before my next fitting....


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