Thursday, January 19

Whatcha Gnocchi?

What's that?
Oh, that's just some gnocchi and cheese I whipped up last night.

Was it delicious?

Was it easy?
It very nearly whipped my tail.

What did it taste like?
Uh, chicken and dumplings.  Yeah! But, only the chicken was cheese....and more cheese.
But the gnocchi tasted like me at least.

Will I make it again?
Jury's still out.

But seriously, change is good.
I could have made mac and cheese, but the cheftestants on Top Chef make gnocchi look like a walk in the park!

Oh, I'll just boil some potatoes, then rice them, then add flour and eggs, then cut them, boil...and ta da!

Potato pasta, whoda thunk it?
There is also ricotta gnocchi, and I will let you tell me how that goes when you make it.  Mmmmmk?

However, I may use gnocchi instead of traditional dumplings the next time I make chicken and dumplings.
It's been on my mind.

Saigon and Chuck seemed to like it, then again they seemed to like the roast which I found to be a bit tough.
Grocery store roasts don't hold a candle to home-grown.  ForYourInformation.
Plus I had possibly the best homemade vanilla ice cream waiting in the wings for the clean plate club.
And brownies.
OK, I'm finished now.

Sooooo...a few big(to me)things happened this week, and I wanted to share them with the 2 of you.

Big thing numero uno:

My nephew started walking!

This will be so handy, when he carries the rings at our wedding;).

Big thingy numero two:

I picked out my wedding band!

Actually it came down to 2 and Caden's pick sealed the deal.
Sometimes you just need another opinion.

Chuck, on the other hand, still hasn't found one.
I'm acting like it's because he's picky, and not because he doesn't want to wear one.

I am looking into having a ring made with a marquee that scrolls around the band.
The marquee, much like the FitBit, will be activated when it doesn't sense body heat.
Then it will say things like,
"There better be a good reason for this",
"You're finger better be severed from your body",
"You should start running",
and, my personal fav, "She just lit the match".

I'm just bouncing ideas around at this point though.
Nothing definite.

The biggest of the thingies:

My sources told me that Caden is excited about having a step mom.
(That's me doing a little dance).

That was after he said he was excited about spring break, going to the beach, and the wedding.
Shoooottttt!  He saved the best for last too;).

His statement is probably the greatest thing I have heard in quite some time.
It's hard, ya know?
Finding a balance between wanting to be liked, but not be a pushover while not pushing yourself onto someone?

I love him.
That was the easy part.

The hard part will be trying to remember math after they threw the alphabet in.



  1. So. Awesome.

    But let's be honest here, you've been winning him over with baked goods for quitesometimehere... ;)

  2. "She lit the match" That is hilarious...


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