Saturday, January 21

Just Another Useless Degree

I wasn't going to do this.
I wasn't going to say anything.

I figured that people would probably know where I stood on the issue.
I would let it go at that.

But I'm me, you see, and if me didn't have an opinion, then I wouldn't be doing a very good job at

Did you catch this article on

If you didn't, it's very short, and very concisely represents one persons blatant ignorance towards the field of agriculture.
I wasn't going to read it, because judging by my friends remarks via Facebook, I knew it wasn't worth my time.
However, as I was dealing with a mycotoxin problem in my corn silage yesterday, I began to wonder what it said.
The Reader's Digest version ranks "Agriculture" as the "Top Useless Degree" followed by:
2. Fashion Design
3. Theater
4. Animal Science
5. Horticulture.
(To be honest, #4 and #5 are fields in agriculture, JustSoYouKnow.)
Hmmm. How 'bout that?
I couldn't help but wonder how many people bought into this uneducated information?
It seems as though 8,000 people have "liked" the article on Facebook....
I suppose it would be accurate to say that those 8,000 people make their own clothes, grow everything they consume, walk everywhere and if they own pets, they don't utilize a veterinarian?
Maybe they have never set foot in a national park?
Never been to a zoo?
These are just thoughts.
I am fairly certain that if computers ceased to exist tomorrow, we would be OK.
Sure, a lot of people would suffer from withdrawals, but we would be alright.
What if there were no farms?
Would you be able to grow your own food, and milk your own cows?
Wait!  There's soy milk!
...HoldThePhone, soy=soybeans=grain farms.
Maybe you're saying that the article was simply referring to going to college for a degree in agriculture?
Then you would also be saying that continuing education in that field is useless?
That, the problem I(and many other) farmers have with mycotoxins in their feed(naturally occurring), is just something we should "live with", that it will eventually pass and if some cows die, then they die.
Dead cows aren't worth looking into anyway.
Maybe the article is right.
Maybe we should stop these "useless degrees" and farm the way we always have.
Our energy needs to go toward more useful ventures, like making iPhones smaller, and the great debate on censoring the web.
Who needs alternative fuels?
Why do research on growing plants hydroponically, when the end result is more efficient and yields a better product?
I mean, we just need to feed a projected 9.1 billion people on this planet in 2050.
(We also have to clothe them and give them shelter.)
I suppose I am finished here.
I have said all that I can, it won't make much of a difference anyway.
Maybe I should look into another field?
Perhaps Business Administration, which ranks #1 on the list of Most Effective Degrees.
There's a thought.
Until then, I will be taking care of these 200 dairy cows who help supply milk to the surrounding areas.



  1. I am very thankful for farmers and mycowherdingcousin. If I had to go out in this weather, there would be no milk....

  2. Does that mean that my life is even more useless because I didn't get a degree in farming?


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