Tuesday, January 3

One Honduran Short..

...of a fiesta.
That's right, here we are just livin' the dream.

Not really.

Have I ever mentioned that odd things happen around here?
That if you take a day off, you have to expect the unexpected when you return?
Well, I'm telling you now.

I have made it my "tradition" to take New Years day off, since I don't have Thanksgiving or Christmas worked into my schedule...like the rest of the world.

Therefore, I took Sunday "off".
Meaning, I woke up at the normal dark:thirty hour, fed calves, then went back home and got into bed, only to wake up in a sweat hours later wondering if I had dreamed the whole calf-feeding thing....
Scary moment.

I'm pretty sure I fed though...

Anyway, I took the rest of the day off and spent time with my honey.
It was wonderful.
Then we picked up Caden, had Saigon over for dinner and ended the evening watching Chuck and Caden play a rousing board game called, "Beat the Parents".
...I don't recommend buying this game.

No, really it was fun, however you can really only get one, maybe two, plays out of it.
The parents questions were HARD!

One of them was, "What are the two seasons at the equator?".
Don't know do ya?
I bet you're Googling it right now...

Needless to say, Caden won...Chuck rallied at the end, however fell on account of a Dora the Explorer question.
We are a party.a.minute.

It's always fun to come back to work after taking half a day off.
OK, it's not.
It's NEVER fun.

Yesterday I came back and found that one of my Hondurans had gone back to Honduras...
Which makes sense, right?
If he had gone to Jamaica I would have questioned pay-roll.

Out of the 3 remaining workers, um...ZERO speak English.
I'm just a girl, stranded on an island here.
Therefore, figuring out why Victor left was much like listening to Chuck try and remember the order of the colors of the rainbow in that game...
"ROY G BIV!!!!", I would scream.
Only to have him say, "OH! OK, red...blue...".
I got tired before it was over.

I looked at Nelson and said, "So...Victor...no worky?"
Nelson responded with a blank stare...
So I tried, "...Victor....Adios...?"
Light bulb!

Nelson's eyes lit up as he said, "OH! Victor! Si, Si!".
What followed can best be described as a feeling much like the one you get when you flip through radio stations, and accidentally land on a Spanish frequency.
You don't realize it at first...unless you hear trumpets..so your brain tries to make sense of the noise...
You're all like, maybe I'm not listening fast enough...when in reality, you just.can't.comprende.
So you stop trying.

All I heard was...
And the entire time, Manuel was standing behind Nelson, nodding his head and using his index finger in the "cut throat" movement..

When I woke up from the Spanish-induced coma I was in, I smiled(because they were smiling at me), and said, "OK!"(because I don't know what Manuel meant by his actions), and left.

Then I figured I needed to call pay-roll and inform them of the employee change.
The Heat answered and I said, "So, Victor doesn't work here anymore".
Heat, "What?! Why?!".
Me, "Yeah. Well..he..uh, went back to Honduras. He has cows...I think. OKSeeYaBye".

Just a girl on an island.

P.s. The two seasons are rainy and dry.

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