Sunday, January 15

Who Doesn't Want to be a Millionaire?!

Listen, I made some granola bars the otha day and they are a-mazing.
For real.
I will be posting them, however I cannot find the cable to connect my camera to my computer because I'm stupid forgetful.
Please excuse this.

On to the topic at hand!
Do you want to be a millionaire?
I mean, really? Do ya?

Do you already know what you would do if someone gave you 2 million dollars?
Donate it?
Buy abunchof stuff?
Hoard it along with your 172 cats?
Give it away randomly?

Hmmmm? I wanna know!

Honestly, I don't know what I would do with it.
When I do try and imagine it, it seems so far out of my realm that I have to stop because I get distracted with things that matter rightnow.
...and I have a mild case of ADD.

I don't even play the lottery.
Do you?
Chuck and Saigon and theRESTofthepopulation do, and I cheer them on! Woot!

I only have one request if they win, and that is to fix the roof on my barn. Thatisall.

I realized yesterday that maybe making lotsa mooolah isn't that important....
Yeah. That.Just.Happened.

I came to that conclusion after sitting at the bar for 3 hours....
Heh. I kid.

ACTually, I had been discussing with The Heat the actions of the newbies in the area.
Ya know, the "Cityfolk" trying to be all country-fied and stuff.
Moving out here and bringing their fast driving, and tailgating-tractor selves to this neck of the woods.

WAIT! I'm just teasin'.
For real, I don't mind them as long as they remember the reason they moved to the country....
Ya know, peace and quiet and cow poop and all.

The Heat laughed because she knew that the only time I really complain is when someone hunts me down, refuses to get out of their car(making me stand in the middle of the road), and tells me that I have a cow:
B.) Having a BABY!
C.) DEAD! (The horror!!)

She calls them "Do-Gooders" and makes me feel like I yelled at a puppy.

So, when they tell me that the "COW is OUT", I get a little peeved.  OnlyBecauseI'mTheOneTheyCaught, which means I have to go get it in.

When the "COW is having a BABY!!" More than likely, I ALREADY KNOW!
Sorry. It's my job.

Now, when someone stops to tell me one is dead, I get offended.
More often than not, it is accompanied by a you-should-be-ashamed-of-yourself look.
It seems like people are just looking for the bad.

Immagonna tell you this ONCE.
I try to keep the dead things away from the road.
Ha. I kid.

I was going to say, that if one of my animals is in need of help because they are sick or hurt, then chances are we(Teddie and I) are headed that way AsSoonAsWeCan.

We don't like to see animals hurting.

Sometimes bad things happen, and we can't help that.
But if we can help, we do.

The Good Lord has a way of reminding us that we cannot conrol everything.
Sometimes the best we can do, is nothing at all.

The only reason I get up at dark:thirty, 7 days a week is to take care of my babies.....not to be a millionaire.

....Yep. That is when I realized it.

This is the hardest thing I have EVER done, and there's not a pot of gold at the end.

Maybe something that honest is meant to be.
Ya think?



  1. So, what's the chances a city-gal from the Hyphen could find a few acres to call her own back on the back 40 of a dairy farm?...


  2. I say the chances are very good.
    ...I'm one Honduran short ya know;).


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