Thursday, January 12

7 Things You Should Know About Yesterday

1.  I woke up at 3am, worked a full day and STILL didn't meet my "calories burned" goal until 7pm, according to Cliff.
Either Cliff has a personal vendetta against me, or he is being trained by Jillian Michaels.
PLUS he kept calling me "STEPGEEK BEBE"!! What'sThatAboutCliff??

2.  Dr. Kirksy came to do a herd check, during which an UN believable amount of crazy-talk spewed from my mouth.
Was I deliriously tired?
Did I take my meds too early?
Did I drink too much coffee?
We will never know.
I hope Dr. Kirksy is still my friend.

3.  This chili recipe is life-changing.
I know, I know, I have talked about it it has chipotles in adobo and cinnamon..but it was the only thing that kept me going.

I slow cooker-ized it at lunch, and the smell made me want to cry when I got home.
Again, deliriously tired?
Too much coffee?
Did my meds run out?
We will never know.
Martha knows a thing or two about chili and tax evasion.

4.  I read quite a few blogs (reason #47 why I love Pinterest), but one in particular stands out in the "Baking Win"'s Brown Eyed Baker's blog/website/thing.
I have made a few of her recipes, and I am never let down unlike Martha.

These were her Peanut Butter-Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies, that I made.
There are hundreds more recipes on her site alone, which I would love to make, especially yesterday's.

5.  At approximately 2:30 pm, I was reborn.
I needed to put some cow info into the computer, so I made a mistake and sat down.
You know when you see little kids fighting sleep, their eye lids become 5 inches long, or they are drinking a bottle and milk starts running down their chin and neck?
That was me...minus the milk-thing...
Then...THEN I read White Orchid Bridals Facebook status update "Getting ready to start on my first dress for 2012!! Real French loomed lace!!! Sooooo beautiful I don't want to cut into it!".
MY dressssssssssss!!!!!
(Yes, I was on Facebook AtTheSameTime. Don't get all McJudgy on you don't get on Facebook when you should be doing 25 other things..)

6.  I had a new milk tester(why I got up so early), and out of the constant conversation he was having with me, and my Hondurans whoDon'tUnderstandHim, approximately 10% was all I heard.
This was over a 4-hour period.
I laughed when he paused.
He did try an put a friendly(not creepy) hand on my shoulder a couple of times, which I successfully matrixed myself out of.

7.  Chuck's pretty.
I went home to put the chili in the slow cooker, and Chuck was in another one of his deep-conversation moods.
We were discussing our Fitbit's and he maybemight have said something that I didn't know.  My surprised "oh really?" response opened a door through which he jumped, and said;
"Yeah! See, you love me because I'm smart! ROY-B-FIB! ROY-B-FIB!"
Ah geez.

I would rather be with someone who made me laugh though, than someone who made me cry but could recite the colors of the rainbow:).



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  1. Tell Chuckles that I have always known green was a rogue color too....

    What did he name his fitbit?!


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