Saturday, January 14

Friday the 13th

Did you realize yesterday was Friday the 13th??
I don't think a lot of people did.

I did. Oh, pick me.
It was the coldest morning we have had in a while, considering the windchill and all.

I had to coax Edna out from under the couch with the promise of a cookie before breakfast.
That's how I roll.

Fridays, as you know and I'm sure are tired of hearing,  are my long-er days.
Yesterday was

I rolled into work early, went to feed calves, and thought I would go ahead and start the feed wagon tractor so it could warm up a bit.

I rolled into work early, went to feed calves, and thought I would plug up the tractor because after the first crank the battery crawled under the couch where Edna had been.

20 minutes later, plus half a can of starter fluid (don't judge me), I was standing behind the loader with my hands pressed up against the veins where the heat radiates from the engine.
True story.

I think I can safely say that I am probably the only farmer who wanted to cry when her tractor wouldn't start, because she was so cold...

Got my high herd fed late, with just enough time to find my nose which had snapped off when I went to blow a snot rocket whilst loading feed, before I treated sick cows.

-BTW I lost feeling in my left foot during the tractor-starting fiasco.
-BTBTW My right foot stayed in the game.
-BTBTBTW BossMan called me AND was NICE, AND said "BYE".  This can only mean one thing, the end is near he loves me.

From the dairy barn I could see Eddie's house, where his truck sat parked, and all I could imagine was that Eduardo was snug as an annoyinglywarm bug on his day off.

Listen, Eddie may be 35 years older than me, but he must have the circulation of a ten year old.
Instead of an Edna on his team, I bet he has Chip, or Jimmy, and they are in the Little League, not the Epsom salt races.

Anyway, before I fed dry cows, I had to stop feeding and breed two in my high herd.
Hello blanket of warmth!
I found the secret to circulation, but I can't tell you where for two reasons:
-1. This is a family program.
-2.  It would be unappreciated.

Needless to say, my left arm NEVER got cold the entire time I fed dry cows.

I rounded out Fantastic Friday with a frozen PTO on the flush tractor, and a flat tire on the loader.
All in all, I did pretty well...I survived.

I went home and used alllllll of the hot water, then ate chili (fortheTHIRDnightstraight), and made granola bars.

Oh, and this picture....

I'll tell you about this some other time;).


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