Tuesday, August 28

Redheaded Step Calves

The reds are here!
The reds are here!
OK, just two but me thinks there will be mo.

See that one in the back?  She's black and white and NOTredallover. But she is the little red chick's mama.  Funny how that happens huh?  Must have eaten too many strawberries, or the milkman dropped her off. Orrrr somethin.  Don't even act like your not pickin up on that f-i-e-r-c-e "you're not my mother" body language. 

Zeeees one is the other redheaded gal I had this week.  She is even more hot-tempered than her hair would make you think. I had the distinct pleasure of chasing (read: continuous duck-and-dodge circles) this jewel all around creation this morning, until I caught a back leg.  Hers not mine.  But I think I pulled a hammy.
Anyway, I got the leg and held on for dear life in the field beside the road (story of my life), so that passers-by could watch as the "mean old lady" played wheelbarrow race with the "poor widdle cawf". 
I sweated much.
It was delightful.

We are finally finishing the never-ending silage chopping saga.  (That wasn't at all redundant was it?)
We are allllll over it.  Like...soooooo over it.  Tim and I had a bit of a stinky situation involving outofcontrol manure this morning, and when I called him this afternoon to tell him that the joystick on the front-end loader had..um...quit working..his response was, "That's OK.  I have already given up hope for today". 
He needs a vacation.

OH!OH!OH!  Take a look at my new art that I just purchased from a very talented gal Crystal of Grabers Graphics!
I found her on Etsy(lovelovelove).

This first decal is in Caden's bathroom, opposite the mirror...

It's blurry.  I know.  You have had a few haven't you?
Just kidding.  It's not you it's me.
I love it and the placement in his bathroom is perfect:).

The second is this large decal, which I placed in the dining room...
(The first one is blurry...sorry pals..but I wanted you to see where it be..)

My wingspan almost hindered this project.
There was grunting and stretching and fingertip walking, but the result was so worth it!

Maybe I will find a place for a mural of a redhead with a, sort of, "ethereal" look?

I think it would totally work in the man cave, don't you?!
I'll just take "Miss August" down....

Love and Gingers,

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