Thursday, August 16

When You Give a Kid a Kitten

When you give a kid a kitten,
You should expect them to be smitten.
Their little pink noses and softest of fur,
Go straight to your heart just like when they purr.

They beg to be held, stroked and adored,
And before you know it your heart is overboard.
The kids are in love and scamper and play,
'What will The Cat get into today?'

You watch as they discover and grow,
As if seeds of your own that you gather and sow.
The older they get the more they demand,
Most often their desires can be met by your hand.

The simplest of pleasures, attention and time,
Just a scratch behind the ears would be more than sublime!
Though the kids were the first to be swept off their feet,
The truth is this tiny creature makes your life more complete.


1 comment:

  1. Have you looked closely at the facial expression of that first kitten?? That's one pissed off little kitty!


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