Sunday, August 12


Chuck and I don't always agree.  We knew this, I mean, 5 months ago at the beach we knew we didn't feel the same way about everything, but that was OK!  By golly we were getting murried anyway!  So we did.
Never hesitated.  Come to think of it, there was never a second of "is this right for us?", "are we ready?".  Instead our thoughts revolved around "when are the kids on spring break?".

I was tickled about being his wife...still am to be honest.  I had the week we returned all planned out to get my drivers license changed, get some of those cute address labels made, and settle in for a life I just knew would feel different.  We came back from the beach, closed on our house and moved in.  The moving process was taxing on us both.  We didn't care where anything went...but we really did.  He put my pretty furniture in the Man Cave and I hid everything in the kitchen.  Fairs fair.  As soon as we got everything off of the cattle trailer and into the house, we were home.  The funny thing is, at that very moment nothing before mattered anymore.  I mean, it did in reality, but as far as we were concerned we were beginning.

I work all the time, and between his job and all of the overtime he does, so does he.  We mis-communicate, misread, misinterpret and just plain miss it.  But somehow, someway, we laugh all the time.  The man makes me giggle like a fountain bubbling out of me.  He can scare me so badly that I crack a filling, but I can't help but get tickled.  We hurt each others feelings and don't talk overnight, but I still sit on the tub while he gets ready for work in the mornings.  We silently forgive and forget, but we never look for that place.  The "what if we weren't together?" place.  It literally brings tears to my eyes if I ever imagine life without him.  Who would grill the burgers?  Who would kill the bugs?  Who would burst out laughing when I say "Latvia", thinking it wasn't really a place??  Who would hold my heart?

I talk a lot about our marriage, the ups and downs and everything else, because to me it's such an experience.  I was going to say adventure, but that sort of points to "excitement" and, honestly, there's not much exciting about going to bed at 8.  The experience of referring to him as my "husband" for the first time and how it felt to say it.  The experience of furnishing our house and making it a home for our family.  Our arguments and laughter, hurt feelings and sit-down laughing spells.  Our life. 1 Corinthians 7:27-28 says, "those who marry will face many troubles in this life".  I'm ready to fight for my love, but at the same time I have to work for it each day.

I don't know what the future will be like for us.  Maybe I will finally get my drivers license changed?  Maybe I will settle on some cute address labels?  I could worry about it, but that would mean spending less time loving him.  Five months isn't a very long time, but if I don't live each second of it in that very moment then I am cheating no one but myself.

Love is many things, but I am learning more and more each day about how it "always protects" (1 Corinthians 13:7).  Protect what is yours and hold it close to your heart.  Don't give an inch of it away, because today is all that matters.

Love love love,

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