Wednesday, August 1

I Believe

In smart girls and silly shoes.

I believe in loving thy neighbor.
Thy rich neighbor.
Poor neighbor.
Atheist neighbor.
Jewish neighbor.
Muslim neighbor.
_____ neighbor.

I believe in muddy boots and holey socks.

In sweet rolls and sour cherries.

I believe that if you take care of your animals they will take care of you.

I believe in my husband going to the gym in a Mickey Mouse shirt.

Actions speak louder than words.

I believe every word written in the Bible.

In hot pink and MC Hammer.
I believe that my blind dog is a better judge of character than half of the people I know.

I believe in working out and eating cheese dip.

I believe gold crowns are proof that you live a sweet life.

I believe in the future of farming.

Home is where The Heat lives.
I believe strong beats skinny every time.

I believe in supporting officers who make us safe.

I believe an open heart and an open mind can change everything:).


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