Thursday, August 2

They Just Grow Up So Fast

Time just flies doesn't it?
I mean, not when you want it when you're at the dentist, or when you're waiting on a cow with one slow quarter..
(That last one can seem like FYI.)

I walk through my big girl dairy barn and can remember when the ladies were just born, legs for days and googly-eyed.

Often, and to my chagrin, beside the death-trap that is our road.
Imeanreally, where do you think she's gonna go??
Ever played dizzy-bat?  You know, where you spin circles with your forehead on a bat then try to run, not walk, in a straight line?
Well these babies look like a buncha dizzy-bat champions when they are just born.
Just trust me...or go play!

Moving on.
Ah!  Here we have the poifect specimen!

Already cleaned off and with wheels like a go-kart.
Underneath that cute, black, innocent exterior is an Olympic hurdler.
But they are only young once.

I mean it seems like just yesterday we were putting bunny ears on the kitten while she showed us how she could soooo touch her tongue to her nose!
Doesn't it??

Or when we found the missing momma who got through the fence back into the far-off lot and decided to have her baby.

In the middleofnowhere.

How bout the time the Jersey told her calf to "lay real still and they won't see you"?
Well, they did, and the calf (all 40 lbs of it) jumped up and proceeded to head-butt them until they got the picture.

So cute.
Then they grow up and wanna eat big-girl food.

They think you're wrong and they're right.
They can take care of themselves.


Ah, but how quickly they forget!
Who's their feeder??
Who's their primary care giver???
Who's the keeper of...

The binky?
Patent pending.


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