Sunday, September 2

Deep Like a River

I never assume to know what Caden is going to say next.
In a lot of ways he is the typical 11-year old boy; spirited, random and sweaty.

I really don't even assume I know what he is thinking.
He can come up with the strangest questions at times. 
I just let his mind do its thing, and check his homework when he asks.

*A note on the homework:  Um, at some point after Chuck and I met I gave off the impression that I'm smart.  I think there is a big difference between intelligence and being an Olympic-level Google-r.  (I'm the latter...)

We don't have Caden as often as we would like, but when we do I try to...ya know...listen more than speak.
OK, so I'm not perfect and during the UT game Friday night I maybe, mighta, said something along the lines of, "Youdon'thavetocommentonEVERYTHING!".  But really.  He was playing on his iPod and not even looking at the tv, yet all I could hear was...him.
I didn't yell and there wasn't a tear shed!  Victory!

Anyway, what I 'm trying to get at is that Caden and I don't have real lengthy, deep, emotional conversations about anything.  Brownies are as far as we venture.  He's young and pre-teen, I'm old and un-cool.  I get it.
No bigs.

I really think that if he needed to talk to me about something, he would.  He's a thinker.
He may see or hear something that he doesn't understand, and instead of forgetting it, he thinks and reasons out the answer.  Then, a week later, he splurts it back out and we all stand there like, "wha?".

This morning after Church I was on the phone with Chuck and he told me that he had just talked to his mom (Gayle), who Caden had spent yesterday with.  She had told him that Caden said something about me while he was with her.
Leeeeesten to me...I immediately thought aw crap.  It was probably that 'she fussed at me for talking during the football game'.  Lord Rachael, why can't you just keep your thoughts to yourself?

I asked him what was said and he told me that she and Caden had been in deep discussion about the importance of Church and prayer.  They had talked about how you should always talk to God, and be thankful even when you don't get what you want.  Caden told her that he understood that everything happens for a reason, even if you don't know the reason at first.  Gayle used Chuck and his ex's divorce as an example(this is very much a non-issue for everyone involved).  She said that them getting divorced was hard at the time and maybe we don't know the reason, then Caden piped up and said, "I know why.  So that Rachael could have someone to love."

Deep like a river.
I am so blessed and grateful to have such a sweet boy in my life. 

A little love for this Sunday:).


P.s. I think I could live on that forever.

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  1. Tears of joy and a testament to you, God, and prayer - and the open heart of a wise boy!


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