Monday, August 20

I'm The Lucky One

My sister/best friend came home for the weekend!  She and baby J made a brief trip home and left yesterday..which makes me sad, but so glad at the same time.  ANY time is better than none at all, wouldn't you agree?  Gosh, if there's one thing for certain it's that this boy is growing so fast!  It feels like just yesterday I was fighting with The Heat over who was going to hold him, and planning my outfits so that there were no buttons that might scratch his face:). 

He is all smiles.  That smile can make everything OK.  It's a sign of hope, I think.  A sign of the future.

Saturday evening Malinda, baby J, The Heat, BossMan and Mercy all came over for dinner.  It was like a scene in a movie, when we all sat down to eat.  It was the first time we have had a sit-down family dinner in our new dining room.  My heart was bursting with joy.  Caden to my right, my honey to my left.  My best friend across the table, and my nephew beside her.  And yeast rolls.  Hoo-boy the yeast rolls!  The world would be a much happier place if there were more family dinners with yeast rolls.  You can quote me on that.

After dinner we had cupcakes(I'll have to tell you about that later) and homemade chocolate ice cream.  We are a chocolate family through and through.  Chocolate and yeast rolls.  It doesn't take much really.

It didn't matter what was going on outside that night, all that mattered was family.  Laughter and smiles.  Being together.

Unlce Chuck and Caden played with Jackson until they were all exhausted...

Dinner was mushroom and bacon stuffed pork tenderloin, creamed corn, smashed red-skinned potatoes and ROLLS.  Baby J had bread, guacamole and creamed corn:).  Then I sent them down the road with a pan of maple sweet gift.

Yesterday after church, Chuck came out and worked Gus a bit then we met up with Malinda, The Heat, Beenie, Mercy and Baby J at the barn to feed calves...and kittens.  J loved the cats...

even more than the calves...

..I told the Jersey no crazy eyes, but they never listen.
 (I don't blame J for not being overly excited.  Cats are waayyy easier to deal with:).)

Jackson was very interested in Uncle Mercy and his... ways...
Story of his life.
Seriously, the way Jackson points with his little hand next to his head melts me:).

Mamas best guy..

Aren't they too much.
Jackson and Chuck had an impromptu "man talk".  I'm not sure what it was about but there was a lot of pointing going on.

I miss her so much:(..

 I think there is a little resemblance..

Rotten Mercy..

The, always lovely, Heat..

Beenie baby..and photo-bomber..

I love this one so much..

Having Malinda and Jackson home for the weekend was truly a blessing.  I dream of the day we are just down the road from each other.  I hope that is what the future holds.  As for now, I guess I will just miss her terribly and count down the days until Christmas when I get to see them all again!


Maybe he won't get too many more freckles before then...I don't want to miss a thing!


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