Monday, August 6

Timing is Everything

I actually wrote this post on Friday...then my computer froze up and all was lost.
Sad, sad day.

Hey!  Maybe this round will go much better!
Here's to hoping...

Did you have a lovely weekend?
I did, I took Saturday off.
Pshyeah I did.  Like OFF off.
Like, Rachael no worky sabado.
I didn't even just leave early...which is the norm for me.

I was tired.
I was spent!
No day off since the meeting in NC...and is that really off?

So I slept til 8 am Saturday
Yep.  EIGHT.
When I woke up, the sun was out!
Who'da thunk it?

Woke up, had a sweet roll, then...never once got in a hurry all day.
That's where it's at.

I will admit, when I decided to take Saturday off I had my reservations.
I mean, Tim would have had it all to himself, except the calf feeding which Mercy would do.
Tim has a lot on his plate, and I understand that so I really try not to add to it even when he makes me mad.
Which is a lot.

Friday rolled around and I was feeling guilty, then a couple of things happened that helped me change my mind...

First of all, I was busy feeding Friday morning when I noticed Eddie's truck at his house.
That's just like him to come back and not come to work, I thought.
Then 7 am rolled around and he showed up!
There was a mariachi band and hula dancers!
OK, maybe not, but the sun did come out a little more.

Because I can be petty and stoopid, my progression of thoughts went like this...
Oh he's back.  Know what?  I don't even care.  That's right.  I think I will just finish feeding and act like it's no biggie.  Do dodo dodo....feedfeedfeed.  I wonder if he's OK?  He looks pretty bad-A with that bandanna around his head.  Maybe I should stop.  I guess I could say hi and see how he is.  
"Hey!  Good to see you!  How do you feel?!"
Welcome to my world.

Shortly there after, I was standing in front of the truck and trailer waiting on Manuel so I could give him his daily directions.
Suddenly, right in front of me something came crashing down to the ground with a thump!
I really thought it was just a limb from the pine tree, then I saw it move.
...and I just woke up from my coma.
I kid.

It was a 5-foot long snake....
Um yeah. 
I'll give you a minute.

So I did what any other sensible farm girl would I did NOT grab a pitch fork...I yelled, "TIM!!! LOOK WHAT FELL OUT OF THE SKY!!!"
Then I accused him of not livin' right and passed out.

I came-to and both of us headed to pick up some springing Jersey heifers from one of the fields.
The heifer fields are really the only places you will find bulls around here.  Expect the beef cow fields, but that's different and I don't know why I told you.
So anyway, the bulls are only there to breed the heifers that Ol' Lefty here misses.

Now, I can assure you that it doesn't matter how gently you raise a bull, if he has a mean bone in him it will come out.
Ours are raised alongside our heifers and treated no differently.

Anyway, I backed the trailer up to the gate then we went into the corral to separate the heifers from the ones who aren't ready.
There were about 20 that we weren't taking.
Tim goes in first only to be greeted by one of the bulls who is busy staking his claim on his ladies, by bellowing and pawing.
Like a scene at the bar when it's closing time.
You really just can't always ignore that.

Tim went to him and thought he had scared the bull off, so he turned to come back towards me..that's when it took the bull half a second to get 1 inch away from Tim's back.
Hello Dolly!

Dude was ready to throw down!
I could see it perfectly from the bed of the truck.
Heh.  I kid.
But I was holding the gate closed, and the thought of leaving Tim there did cross my mind.
Self preservation.

Throw Eddie, the snake and the bull together and I figured it was the perfect time to get outta Dodge.
I know when I have overstayed my welcome.

The perfect ending to the weekend was spending the whole day driving my husband crazy and holding his hand in Church.
God forgives even the "petty and stoopid";).

Have a lovely, snake-free, non-bull-fighting, day!!


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