Friday, August 17

Last Night at Dinner

Caden had a baseball game yesterday evening that I actually got to attend!
Woot for early games!

I love watching him play but I know my limits.  The "go to bed early" rule is one of them.  I could stay up late but then I'm tired alllll day.  Funny how that works huh?  Anyway, who wants to be tired at work?  Not moi, especially when I am faced with adversity rightwhenIgetthere.

This morning adversity came in the form of Nelson.  He was waiting for me to pull into the driveway of the dairy barn, and I saw him as soon as I did.  Normally this means that something has gone wrong...maybe a cow down, equipment malfunction or they can't figure out how to turn on the lights.  Normal stuff.  It really didn't bother me when he told me me were out of vacuum pump oil (which he also told me thenightbefore, and since I do not personally produce vacuum pump oil it would have to wait until today). It also did not bother me when he motioned for me to come to the parlor, indicating something was wrong (I understand the "follow me" wave).  It DID bother me when he stood there staring at me while I put my water and keys on the desk, it ALSO bothered me when he asked me again to come with him likeIdidn'talreadysayOK.  What bothered me the most was that whatever was wrong could not wait a dadblamed second so I could put my everlovin' boots on!
I'm OK now, sorry.

The problem?  Well one of my flapper-valves was broken so they were having to milk on only one side of the parlor.  I don't personally produce these either, so the blank stare I got in response to my "OK" caused me to turn and leave. 
I almost tried to explain the flapper-valve thing but then I remembered that you probably don't care:).
In summary, they can only milk 12 at a time instead of 24, until I start making rubber or the flapper-valve-thingy store opens.

^That's got nothin' to do with dinner last night, but I sure feel better.

So after Caden's game we took him to the a fine-eating establishment known for their ohsohealthy wings.  Buffalo Wild Wings.  I'm not proud to admit that.  (I got the grilled chicken, justsowe'reclear). 

Caden had homework to get finished so he brought it with him, due to it almost being bedtime.  BWW was also having trivia night, so we were all listening to the questions they were reading and trying to answer them on our own. 
They asked the city were Elvis passed away.
They asked what 'AWOL' stood for.
Then they asked what the first vitamin was to ever be discovered...Caden looks at me and says, "Hey Rachael, you should call your dad!".

I love that kid.

Have a wonderful day!


P.s. ^This kid and his beautiful momma are coming home for the weekend!  I am thrilled!

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