Tuesday, August 14

Amazing Grace and Humility

Have you ever been to an event that moved you so much that you are still thinking about it 3 days later?  An event that captivated you to the point that you couldn't leave your seat for fear of missing something?  I went to an event over the weekend that was all of that and more.
The event was Living Proof Live with Beth Moore.  It was held at Thompson Boling arena in Knoxville and over 13,000 ladies were there...and 4 men:).  I really think I did see 4. 

It was amazing.  Just amazing.  I could talk about how it made me feel all day but I won't, don't worry.  I will say that I saw lots of beauty and joy.  The sound of 13,000 voices singing "Amazing Grace" unaccompanied was so moving that there are no words.
The program far made up for the lines to the restroom...holy moly!
You know when you go to a sporting event and there are tons of people there and the ladies room line is SO long?  You're all like, "ugh this is taking forever!".  Imagine, if you will, a sporting event that over 13,000 ladies...and 4 men..show up for.  OK, now imagine it's break time and everyone does what?  Goes to the restroom.  I cut back my water intake that day.  Wow.

OK, now I need to tell you about what happens when your head is still in the clouds and you return to work.  Sunday after church my thoughts were everywhere.  I went back to work, pushed up feed on the Bobcat, and noticed that I had a cow that needed help getting up.  This is down at the bottom of my list of things I don't mind doing for a specific reason: arm strength.  I ain't got none.  I know I know I know, but don't be fooled by the sheer size of these pipes.  They're just for looks not function.  Heh.

I climbed through the headlocks and, judging by the way she was lying, decided she needed to be turned so that she was headed  in a different direction.  As far as cows go she was small, so I wasn't real worried about the whole thing.  So NOT worried that I grabbed her tail and began pulling her around, while thinking about everything else BUT what I was doing.

I don't know when the shift happened...the shift from vertical to horizontal...but it was fast.  Suddenly I went from standing behind her holding her tail, to laying flat on my back beside her..still holding her tail.  It was ew.  Like, cold, wet, fresh ew.  From on my feet to staring at the ceiling, while laying on cold concrete covered in poo ew.

Sometimes I wonder what cows must think of me, but not Sunday.  I slowly got up, returned the tail, climbed through the headlocks, went to the office and called Chuck;
"Hey honey, could you do me a favor?"
"Could you bring me some jeans...and underwear..."
"Uh, I got mine dirty." (That sounds bad, but whatdoyousay??).
"Do you need 'em now??" (This is my honey rightafter he has eaten lunch).
Standing there looking at the manure caked on my backside.."No, I'll just stand for a while". (Team player).

I'm grateful for events that move me.
I'm grateful for events that humble me.
I'm grateful for a honey who brings me new clothes..but maybe next time he won't leave my underwear laying on top of my desk for my workers to see.

Humility 101.


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