Monday, November 21

Honeeeey, I'm Hooooooome!

Goodness what a vacation!
The travel-time I could have done without, but the MalinDelSon (Malinda, Del, Jackson) I could not have!

I got there and Malinda and baby J were waiting for me..I was the ONLY person with someone there waiting. Justsoyouknow;).
It was great!

Rochester is a tiny airport, getting there meant taking two planes from Knoxville both ways.
No problem.
The put me, with my people-smell aversion, directly beside the bathroom in the VERY back of the plane on one of the flights.
No problem.
American decided to change my flights in Charlotte.
No problem.
It was 14, FOURTEEN, degrees in Rochester one morning.

I managed to run on the two upper-twenty degree mornings during my visit.
The longest I ran was for 35 minutes, which I happily doubled in my head because itwassoCOLD!
Then Edna, with her red weathered-looking hands came to visit, and I decided gloves would be a good idea.
No matter what state I'm in, I'm still pretty.

Since I was not in Rochester to get a procedure done at Mayo, which is normally the reason people go there, Malinda happily gave me a brief tour of the facilities.

Let's talk about corn fields and dairy farms.
Then justlikethat BOOM! Glass, marble, ornately carved wood. Mayo Clinic.

The greatest minds in the medical field can be found amongst the stalks of corn and crows.
(They were having a crow epidemic while I was there. Let.Me.Tell.You. I saw some very well-fed birds.)

As if the minds and structures weren't enough to marvel at, throw in some Dale Chihuly glass sculptures and ORIGINAL Andy Warhol paintings.

I'm still in awe.

The best part was hanging out with my family.

Watching Jackson and TC(TheCat), bathe together in the tub...
Talking cow-breeding with Del...
Cooking pre-Thanksgiving dinner with Malinda....
Visiting the Mall of America...and not killing anyone...

It was wonderful!

I was reminded how easy it is to fall into normal rhythm with my sister.
We worked easily beside each other while cooking, and are just as happy staying in by the fire as we are people-watching at the mall.

A note on my sister.....
She is really something else.
To meet her you would never know that she is Doctor in Neonatology.
Not only a Doctor, but a Doctor at Mayo Clinic. 
From the research she conducts, to the recognition/awards she receives she is the epitome of humble. 
Though she has Doctors asking her to do her Fellowship with them, she still truly believes she can do more.
She is such an inspiration.

And to think we used to argue over who had to water and feed the show calves when we were little!

I'm giving her 3 years to move back, after that I'm coming to get her with the cattle trailer.
Try me.....

So, I'm back to work this morning.
(I couldn't wait to get back...serious.nerd.excitement.)

Mercy met me down at the calf barn for his last hoo-rah of waking up early before school to feed calves.
I'm pretty sure he is glad I am back:).

Everyone looked great!
I had about 9 calves born while I was gone, and everyone was bright-eyed and hungry this morning!
Without Mercy I would have been a wreck...for real.

I was nothing but confident leaving him in charge of the calves, even though he did call me at 5:30 am while I was on the way to the airport...
After that, he was golden!

Teddie held things together at the barn...nothing extraordinary..but I think everything lived.
That's saying something...

The Heat yelled at my workers when she found the lint trap full...
OK, she didn't yell....for some reason she just talks to them reeeaaalllly LOUD and drawn o-u-t.

Chuck survived....I think he is glad to see me though:).
I'm really glad to see him!

Home sweet home, with a lot of work to do.
I wouldn't have it any other way:).

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