Saturday, November 26

The Omen

How did it go?

Was the turkey done?
Was it everything you dreamed and more?

Did you eat watery spinach like I did?
Did your mom make a chocolate pie?

Did your Aunt pull out a bottle of wine so big it had to have come from Jersey Shore?
...Wash th turley doned?
I kid.

But seriously, I hope you had a jam-up time! honest...did you hit up Black Friday and do some shopping?
Trample a short-person during the rush into Wal-Mart?
...Drink a beer at 8 am?

I forgot to tell you!
When I was in transit back to the homeland from my trip to the Arctic Circle, I had a layover in Chi-town so I went to Chili's for some coffee and toast in Concourse E.
The bar was FULL of people drinking those big don't-tell-my-wife sized beers.
Chyeah. 8 AM.
So I did 4 shots and shotgunned a beer....hehehe.
I kid.
Just thought I would share...

So....Black Friday....

I didn't partake in the shopping festivities due to the fact that I had to feed cows...and letsfaceit, I can't handle that.

So I got up, fed babies then fed cows while the sun was making it's appearance.
It was a beautiful day! Not a cloud in the sky!

At 9 AM I was having an intense convo with Tim about Turducken, when we saw a huge buck in the middle of the field behind the dairy.....
Weird. Hunting season WIDE open. Broad daylight. Middle of a plowed field. Weird.

It is only now that I realize the buck was a sign directed at me. Telling me to go home.
...OK actually it looked as if he was running a wide right, turned to catch the pass then went over the fence into the end zone...
But I know the deeper meaning.

After deciding that a cornish hen would probably fit into a duck, Tim left and I went and ran 5 miles.

During my run, the sky turned Black and my Friday took a turn for the worse.
-I returned to work.
-Started the pump.
-Decided to walk into the parlor to see what was shakin'.
-Discovered that my milking equipment had "timed-out" during the acid wash cycle.
-Said "Poop".
-Started it over again, and ran it manually.
-Discovered that the water pressure was gone.
-Checked the well and it was off.
-Pushed the red-buttons to reset the well.
-Screamed when it reset, cuz I thought it was going to shock me....I think my shock-days are numbered.
-It pulled 70 amps, then kicked off.
-Said "Poop".
-Called Tim.
-Tim checked it, said, "The sinky-dinky's broken", called the "Well-guy".
-I fed calves a bit early so I had time to feed cows after.
-My worker came and told me I had a cow down.
-Said "Poop".
-Checked the cow, who had been outside jumping around earlier.
-She was blown up bigger than the Goodyear blimp...twisted stomach.
-Said "Poop".
-Got her to the sick pen FINALLY with Tim's help.
-Headed to feed cows late.
-Discovered twenty cows making a run for it down the main aisle, because someone Tim had left the gate unlocked....
-Said "Poop".
-Got the runaways back in.
-Started to feed.
-The well guy came.
-Left work, took a warp-speed shower, went with Chuck and Caden to the Fantasy of Trees, ate pizza.
-Tim called and said, "The well-guy can't fix it til tomorrow. Okely-dokely."
-Said "Poop".
-Got home and went back to work...after 10.
-Manually washed the equipment. Again.
-Went home. Again.

And here I am at work...again.

The Wal-Mart stampede might not have been so bad after all.

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  1. Sometimes the bad days serve to make the good days richer. Look at me, all glasshalffull and all!


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