Sunday, November 27

I Promise

I promise...
 To laugh with you.

To hold your hand in Church.

To set your Cheerios out in the morning so you don't forget;).

To eat at least 1 fry off your plate.

To try my hardest to pick you up when you are down.

To plan for the future but live for today.

To nag you about going to the doctor regularly.

To tell you 'I love you' 100 times a day.

To respect you and your feelings.

To dream with you.

To hide Hello Kitty stickers in random places.

To remind you that God has a plan.

To trust you.

To never let you grow a mustache...again.

To keep the 80's clothes hidden in the back of your closet.

To say 'Thank you'.

To smell like cows.

To keep you on your toes;).

I promise to never let you down.

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