Sunday, November 6


In case you were wondering, calves mostcertainly do not observe the time change.
To them, I was just an hour late this morning. This gives me anxiety.

I used to actually feel a difference when the time changed..more rested maybe?
In the spring I would feel...less rested?
I'm not sure, however I am sure that I felt nothin' this morning.

I was up late making brownies(shocker!), mac and cheese and pulling chicken for bbq.
The Heat volunteered she and I to make dinner for the youth at Church again, and I really don't mind.
I do have a fear of them not liking it though.
So I bought chips.
Who can resist Doritos?!

I will say that if you are a baker, or even firefighter, you should invest in the Baked: New Frontiers in Baking cookbook.
I made their brownies last night, doubled them actually, and I'm thinking we have a winner!

I also believe I have solved the mac and cheese puzzle.
White American cheese and Gruyere are what I believe to be the perfect cheese combo.
I have tried them all....I even made Panera's last week..but last night I reached the top of the mountain.
I conquered the mac.

Being up late plus getting up early makes me feel old.
It really does.
I wasn't going to just put it out there like that..but then I did..and I left it. So there.

You know what REALLY makes me feel old???
I bet you don't.

Last week was Halloween, yes?
Twenty-somethings and older tend to partake in festivities, yes?
I am late-twenty-something......yes?

Those are 3 important things to remember....

Last Sunday morning I woke up and got ready for I do EVERY morning. Heh.
It was crack-of-dawn 5-ish, and I headed out to get in my truck...

FYI: A bunch of early-twenty-something gals live next door to me.

I had just started my truck, when the gals next door came flying into the parking lot, got out of their car and I sat and watched as they teetered into their apartment.
Let's see, there was a nurse, a devil...and a few stumblers.

Have you ever gone to the store, bought a bunch of bananas and theverynextday they are brown and bad?
Imma brown bunch-o-naners.

There I was sitting in my truck, watching myself walk into my apartment two years ago....

I'll admit, I was briefly saddened by the sudden realization that I am past that point. I sat eating my oatmeal, wearing the same jeans and hoodie from the day before...

That nostalgic moment was indeed brief, because I though about what has happened in the past two years.
EVERYthing has happened.
Everything important to me.

Two years ago Chuck and I didn't have what we have now.
I didn't know I was going to get to be a step mom!

I was at work even more than I am now(

My relationship with the Good Lord was in the rebuilding stages..I'm on firm foundation now.

Two years ago I was worried about tomorrow...I live the heck out of every day now.

I'm glad for change.
I embrace change.

Without change I wouldn't be right here. Right now.

The gals were out on their balcony last night and as I walked inside I looked up at them, with a full heart and sense of accomplishment, and smiled. 

I am more me than I ever was.

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  1. Our past does nothing more than shape who we become. I firmly believe adversity breeds strength. I would not want to be that 20 year old girl any more than I would want to know what my life would be like without my two little crackers.


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