Wednesday, November 2

Dream Killer Strikes Again!

Alright, we have a lot of things to cover here people, soletsgetstarted.

Yesterday I was proud to present to you the November EOM, however what I really wanted to talk about were my Halloween festivities.
I'm sorry 9990, but it's true.

I learned this year that there is an annual Trick or Treat dealy-o at the Civic Coliseum in Knoxville.
I never knew this existed!!
It's pretty huge, over 6,000 kids came through this year! WOW!

These were mainly inner city kids, and I had never really thought about it being tough to Trick or Treat in the city. Go me for thinking.
Now I know.

Norfolk Southern always participates and even sets up a signal, like at a real live railroad crossing!
So anyway, eager to please the kiddies(and see some ridiculously cute costumes) I offered to come help.
I'm good people like that.

Letmejusttellyou, I was under the impression this shindig was happening inside.
Mistake #1.

I got there, un-costumed, and found the booth OUTside.
(This was when dread fell out of the cup inside my head and began creeping all over my body.)
I have to be honest here, I WILL work outside all day no matter what the weather is, HOWEVER I have a really hard time talking myself into voluntarily being cold.
I hope this doesn't make me a bad person.

I needed to see some cute costumes STAT.
I got to My Honey at their booth and he told me they were handing out erasers, coloring books and crayons.

It's like going to a birthday party and getting a toothbrush in you favor bag.
WOOOHOOOO....a toothbrush.

NS, being the sneakersteins they are, cleverly positioned themselves in the corner beside the carousel and people giving out ice cream sandwiches.
Strategy WIN.

I mean, I would stand in line and get school supplies IF it meant a round on a purple-haired pony, followed by a FREE ice cream sandwich in 30 degree weather. Psssssyeah!

So, I began scanning the scene, then I spotted HIM.
It was like he fell right out of Walt Disney's imagination.
He was perfect.
He was the first person the kids came to when they approached the NS booth.
The Conductor...

I know, right!?!
The outfit. The mustache The glasses.  A Polar Express dream.
Plus he IS a REAL conductor!  He doesn't just play one!

I was glued to him..not literally of course.

He smiled at me! (Never mind the super-happy guy in the orange, hehehe).
I was enamoured. I wanted his autograph.
I pictured him riding the rails daily, blowing his little whistle and shouting "ALL ABOARD!".

As the kids filtered through, he would smile and they less that he was a movie star.

Then I made mistake #2.
I enthusiastically(and with my mouth open the ENTIRE time) looked at Chuck and said, "Ohmygosh, does he wear THAT ALL the time?????!!!!!!!!

With considerably less enthusiasm, The Love of My Life looked at me and said, "".
Gah! Dream Killer strikes again!

Suddenly the world was cold.
I was over Halloween. I needed pizza.

Then we saw these two guys and decided to find pizza.

The most memorable costume of the night?

The chick. Had to be the chick.

OH and here is a picture of Chuck's son Caden with his little sister Abby(she is 2)...

Caden was a soldier and Abby was Tinkerbell...can you tell?
When asked where her costume was, Abby responded with "She don't like it".

OH OH! Speaking of ice cream sandwiches, my favorite Halloween memory of ALL time?
When BossMan was left to his own devices and gave out ice cream sandwiches to the trick or treaters who came by the house.

There haven't been any since.

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