Monday, November 14

It's The Leaving...

This time tomorrow I will............still be in Tennessee.
But at the airport.

Not at work, mind you.
At the airport.
Worrying about work.
At the airport.

It'll be OK, right?
They will be OK....right?
My babies will be fine, my cows will be great and my cats will get fed.

Don't get me wrong, I am very excited about my date with my ten month old nephew Jackson, and I cannot wait for all of the laughter and fun that being around Malinda and Del always brings!
It's just the leaving, even for a few days, that's the hardest.

That's why I don't do it.

What if no one yells, "HEY BABIES!!!!" before they start feeding each time?
They won't know it's time to eat!

What if no one feeds the 2 smallest kittens on the shelf, instead of on the ground with the others?
They will never get enough!

What if no one turns Kirra's heater on?
My hairless dog will freeze!

So, what I'm gonna need you to do is stop by and make sure these things get done. K?
Whew!  I thought you were gonna say "no".
I'm soglad you didn't.

You do need to be aware that there are some sneakersteins in the crowd.
Watch for them.
Like this little camouflage cutie....

What? Don't you see him?

How about now?

Is this better?

Just so you know the area he is laying in, is located on the other side of the fence from his mother.
I'm not exactly sure what he had in mind after he woke up from his nap, but I went ahead and scooted him back through to his, very stressed, mother.

I haven't informed my workers that I'm leaving yet.
I imagine the conversation to go something like, "Me bye bye"...that should do it.

I had originally told Tim that he was NOT to yell at my workers!
HOWever, after getting on the skidsteer Saturday morning and finding it OUT of diesel, it's every man for himself as far as I'm concerned.

The Heat's gonna miss me.
At least, I'm telling myself that.

She will miss those textesesses that I send her saying, "can I have a cookie?" and "the barn is out of laundry detergent".
OK, maybe not that last one.

Chuck will probably miss me, he has been pretty darned busy at work here lately though.
I made him cake pops last night for when I'm gone!!!

They are pretty delicious ifIdosaysomyself.

With that, I guess I will go get as much done as I can before tomorrow.
Next stop, Minnesota!!

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  1. Mercy has it handled....

    I made myself snort.


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