Tuesday, November 8

Hot Pursuit

If you have read this blog for very long, or know me, or Chuck..or perhaps you're the one who left the SLIPPERS????????..then you probably know Chuck works for the railroad.

If not then, Chuck works for the railroad.
Ta-da! Just like that you're caught up.

Part of his Special Agent job is being on-call ALL.THE.TIME.
At any moment he could be called out to Athens, Bristol, or anywhere in his enormous area.
This creates anxiety for him when we try to make plans.  So we don't.

If we are supposed to go somewhere and he gets a call, then I take one for the team and stay home...and bake....
I bake a lot.

Over the weekend we had planned on going into downtown Knox so that he could check on a special(read: FANCY) train, and eat while we were there.
Listen, if we make it out of Maryville we consider that an event. Mmmmk?

I got home from work the evening we were to go, and ate approximately 176 tortilla chips.
Just a guess.
I was thisclose to an episode.  (Episode: Low blood sugar=Inability to be nice).

While stuffing them-two at a time-into my mouth, Chuck got a call from her.
(Her: The person who calls him to tell him there's a railroad emergency.)

I didn't hear what they were telling him because I was chewing too loud, but I got the gist that he needed to go to Harriman.
Opportunity! I said, "Hey...chewchewchew mmmwhy swallow don't I coughcough ahhhhhowowowow chipinthethroat ahem go with you?".
His look was "because you're eating all the chips in the house" but I took it as "hurry and shower".
So I did.
The chips within arms-reach of the shower.  Justsayin.

When Chuck gets calls...he gets....shallwesay...hurried....
I have A LOT of hair people.
So I did something I'm not proud of.
Something that a hippie would have done. (I think The Heat was a hippie...for real....she won't admit it).
Something I will tell you ONLY if you agree to never speak of it AND you must leave it on this blog. K?

I used dry shampoo.
WHAT? Yep. Had it. Used it. I'm currently working on my dreads.
That's so not true.

But see, Chuck was rushed! I felt rushed! Plus I was a bit curious...
I feel much better now.

Anyway..I totally hurried. He was standing in the doorway of the bathroom.
We were out the door in record time!! Go us!!

We got to the car, he checked his paperwork..

I buckled up and wished I had put some lotion on my Edna's hands...

We got ready to go and he consulted his GPS...

....47 minutes later we pulled out  of the apartment parking lot....


The whole way there I sat on my hands to keep from touching these....

I KNOW! Right? Like a domestic Batmobile.
The horn makes a siren noise...I stared at it the whole time, picturing myself leaning over and pushing it every time we got behind someone.
There wouldn't be a dry pair of pants between Maryville and Harriman on my watch.

We finally got there and I sat in the car and contemplated life and why I feel so old, and hungry, and why we have to observe the time-change, and why Arizona doesn't.  How does that work?
Do they feel out of the loop?
They should.
I've been there once. It was hot, and dry and I ate a cinnamon lollipop that set.me.on.FIRE!

My honey ended up having to search the building, which was fine until I thought about what I would do if he needed his partner for backup.
I wasn't dressed for this!
Tall, high-heeled boots and skinny jeans!?

I had just gotten my first boot off, in preparation for the racing into the building, which I knew would be just moments away...when my Hunky Honey reappeared...on the phone.

Well..it's a good thing...
There's no telling how long it would have taken me to have pried the other boot off.


  1. I tried dry shampoo after one of my shoulder surgeries. It did the job for that short period of time, but I don't think I could use it all the time

  2. So...does dry shampoo take out the cow smell? I'm curious b/c sometimes even Pantene (2x's) plus Herbal Essence (3x's) can't touch that smell. Nothing like having Mark snuggle up to me...just to roll away and say "Uh, Babe? Did you take a shower when you got home?"

  3. Tina- I have been trying to comment on your posts, but for some reason Blogger(grrrrr) won't let me verify my own ID. BUT....the glass etching is such a great idea AND your pup is the cutest ev.er!

    Kristy- No...it is not a cow-smell cure. It did, however, give me some volume...if that helps?!


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