Saturday, June 30

Along the Way...

I could totally bore you by telling you how ridiculously hot it is outside, but chances are you feel the heat.
Instead I am going to share with you fine people, a few things that are on my mind...

1.  Baby thievin' is an epidemic.
The last post, "A Conundrum", described one instance of such ridiculousness, however it happened again yesterday.
This time they got least for a few hours.

2.  When bad weather strikes, you realize who is watching you.
I have received a few emails and messages with ideas for staying cool in this heat.
I appreciate each and every one of you for caring:).
You have some excellent advice too!!

3.  For some reason it seems like people are too consumed with how hot it is here to pay much attention to the raging wildfires in Colorado.
The tragedy is so sad.
Please pray for them.

4.  I saw 4 skunks in the road(alive) this morning...2 solid black and 2 solid white. 
The end of the world?  I'm not sure, but I swerved just in case.

5.  I have had 15 calves the past 2 weeks and not one of them is in a hutch due to the unbearable heat.
Know what that means?
They are ALL in the calving barn...with 4 mommas.
I have a few by themselves that I feed because they aren't pushy enough to get in there and get milk, but the rest are being raised by 4, very good, mothers.
The calving barn is the place to be...straw bedding, unlimited hay, water and feed...a fan...shade...
I love cows.

6.  Today is Chuck's last day on evening shift and I think he will be missed.
He goes back on days(YAY!!) next week, which means I get to see him more.

7.  I have only been once, but I think I LOVE wake boarding.
Ohmygosh how fun is it??
I look at it as a challenge and stress reliever.
Hopefully we can go after work during the week, now that we both work days:).

8.  Theys gold in them there hills!

For real, we have corn!
Stan, my Purina rep, came by this week and forced me to go and look at the corn.
I have been actively avoiding it since we have had zero rain, thus causing me to think there would be no actual ears on the corn.
I was wrong!
We have about half a crop that looks really good, considering.
The other half...Idon'twannatalkaboutit.

9.  I have seen more pictures of temperature gauges this past week than I care to count via the Facebook.
My personal favorites are the ones where you can tell that the person taking the picture was driving, going above 50 mph, and posting to the Facebook all atthesametime.
Way to be safe people.

10.  When the sun begins its ascent each morning, I look out into the fields and see this....

...and I too think they are dead.
This is the most un-cool way to start the day.
Then I get a little bit jealous and wish that I too could be laying there broadside snoozing away.
I can't...too much to be done!

Have a wonderful day and stay cool:).


P.s. Please pray for those in Colorado, may we never have to go through such devastation.
P.p.s. Say a little prayer...or do a little dance..for rain while you're at it:).

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  1. I'm calling front seat on the boat RIGHT.NOW.

    I will bring my camera too.


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