Monday, June 11

Our House (Part 1)

Is a very very very fine house!
...with NO pets:(.

Heyyyy!  Happy Monday to ya!
Did you have a nice weekend?
Go anywhere?
Do anything?
Do nothing and love it?

I had a lovely weekend.
Worked Saturday and half of Sunday, then Mr. CowLady's family came over and threw us a post-wedding/new home shower!

They went to so much trouble and I cannot even begin to tell them how much it meant to us:).
They are so much fun!

Anyway, since I had my house all spotless for the shin-dig I decided to take a few pictures and share them with you fine people.

This is fulfilling a request from a nice lady we will refer to as "Hammer"...youknowwhoyouare.

I have broken it up into 2 parts, this first post being the kitchen/dining areas/sunroom/entryway.

Please excuse the lack of furniture/things...I have a allergy to clutter.
Also excuse the quality of the photos...they were all taken with my phone.

Heeeerrre we go!

This is the entry to the house...there is an arch and columns on the right leading into the family room.
I really don't know what's in that closet...I forget it's there.
The light fixtures that came in the house are incredible!

This is from the entry looking into the family room.
There's Chuck!  Hey honey!!
Anyway, tall ceilings throughout and the see-thru fireplace.

 From the family room looking back to the entry.
Just call me Ansel Adams...photographer extraordinaire.

 To the right of the entry is the formal dining...and the garage through the windows...nice.

Occasionally I like to take a saucer egg...and dine on the enormous table we have.

 Family room!

More family room!

Fireplace, and behind it is the sunroom as you can see from the inferno of light blasting from it.

This is where I get my tan on...heh.

Informal dining area adjacent to kitchen and family room.

My room.....uh...I mean...the kitchen.

 More kitchen, cuz who can get enough of that???
Not me...not me.

I could really do a whole post about how much I love my kitchen, but I won't.

 Hallway...I like that I turned the lights on for this one.

 Look who I found in the hall!
Hey guys!! Great wedding!!
What a lovely couple.


 Hallway to Caden's lair.


 The loves of my life hangin out in the hall.

That wraps this segment up!
Stay tuned for part 2...the "bedroom" segment..where the "magic" happens!
Hehehehehehe...I kid.

But really, you should come over!

Headed on a couple of farm tours today...have a great day!!


P.s. Hammer's my hero!!


  1. The cow clock is still my favorite part of the tour...justsoyouknow.

  2. Been out of touch recently and not able to keep up with your blog. Really love your home-away-from-the-barn. You have done a great job and should be proud! Jo-Mamma sure is! The pictures make it all so personal. Keep up the good work. Hammer


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