Thursday, June 14

Our House (Part 2)

I'm back from our short, yet informative, trip to a Purina meeting and a few farm visits.
One of the thing I love about my job is that the dairy industry is constantly evolving and there is always room for improvement and learning.

I like to that I don't get graded for it.
Funny how that happens huh?

Anyway, Chuck went with me and I absolutely loved that:).
Our dairy is the only one he had ever been to, up til Monday and Tuesday, so it was really nice for him to see how it works elsewhere...and on a much larger scale!

He was great:).
Everyone thought he was the farmer and I was just the wife tagging along, which is more than fine with me.
It made for a lot of interesting looks when people found out what he did...
Oh! You're the police?!  How'd you get wrangled into this??

There were also some...
The police huh?  Well, one of your brethren almost got me on the way here....
Those stories are always interesting...

Long story short, we had a lovely trip and I was so glad to be back at work yesterday morning.

Now that I have caught you up on my life story, I believe I owe you the second part of the tour de mi casa...

I like to give the people what they want, therefore I bring you....

The laundry room!!!

If you will take a hard left there you will go up these stairs to the...


The man cave is outfitted with all of my furniture..

But really that's OK because I got the good closet.
(See how that works?)

There is also a Foosball table on the left and a fabulous surround sound for the tv wedon'thaveyet.
Baby steps.

If you will descend the cave-o-wonders you will come up on this room...

 The guest room, but most commonly referred to as "Chuck's changing room".
...I change in the garage...

If you find yourself needing to use the facilities,

 Then the guest bath will suit your needs.

The next stop is Caden's bedroom...

But really just his bed...I did a fantastic job photographing.

Here is another picture of his room and the ghost in the corner...

 She's harmless really.

On to the master!

The master bedroom is beside the family room.

 Ahhhhhh! Snake!
Just kidding.
It's my phone charger.
Had ya goin though, didn't I?

Another picture of the master...

We have a ghost in our room as well.

Last picture of the master.
Please ignore the cow on the top of my jewelry box with the 3D glasses on.
...and the guard dog holding the bedroom door open...

OK, so from where you're standing now, just turn around, open the door and...


 Boom!  Master bath.

My closet, to the right...

Don't judge, just love.

My sink to the again ladies CHOOSE your battles.
The tub, that I have never been in...

..and from another view.
Please note Chuck's "boom box" on his sink....
We call him "Boom box Bobby".

Now that we have reached the end of the tour, and I feel like everyone has been in my house...I bid you farewell.

Have a wonderful day!


P.s. Can you hit the light in my closet on your way out?  Thanks.

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  1. You left out the surprise closet in the guest bathroom! That was funny...


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