Friday, June 8

Keys to Working on a Farm: Don't Proproginate

That's right.
That's not even a word, glad you are awake.

Chuck came up with that word months ago and it, along with Caden's "dramaticise" and "drugaholic", have stuck ever since.
The grammar apple doesn't fall far my friends.

However last week, Chuck did throw out "irregardless" which I didn't even know was a word.
It is!  (A bit redundant if you ask me.)

Anywho, since you are well on your way to knowing every gosh darned thing about farming I'm going to give you some advice...
No matter how long you have been at it, or how well you are doing, don't ever start thinking you know it all.
For real.
Don't proproginate.

When you start proproginating one day you're all like....

Pffft!  Why should I be in the sun all hot when there's thing cool tank o' wata all alone?

Then you start thinking you're somebody and this happens...


Or one day your vet calls you...wait...wha?
Yep, you look at the incoming call and it's your vet calling YOU.
Well, it's about time he needed my help.

You answer and kinda smile because that's a sign that you have made it...then he starts with, "Your father called me.....".

No 4 words in the English language could strike more fear in me.

A sure sign that you need to chill out is when anyone, no matter who they are or what they are driving, pulls down to the calf barn and you automatically think they want to buy calves.
Hey, I......
Nope.  I don't have any for sale.
But I....
I don't have any!
...I just needed to use the air tank....
Oh. Crap.

Don't do it.


P.s. I wonder if proproginate is actually proproDginate?  Silent "d"?
P.p.s. Personally I think "clapter" should be a know, like a bunch of people clapping?

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