Sunday, June 3

This is Pretty Important

I don't mean to be all dramatic and stuff, but this is huge.
It's a big deal.
Life altering.
Game changing.
..that's all I got.

It's Dairy Month!
June is the once month out of the year dedicated to....DAIRY!!

Is there a beef month?  I think not...butdon'tquoteme.
Poultry month?  Nope.
Turkey month?  Pffftttt!
Month de pork?  Nein.

So what do you do during Dairy month?
Well, you stock up on dairy products and eat ice cream.

I'm glad we had this talk.

I kid.
But really, I'm not sure what you are supposed to do other than thank your neighborhood farmer.
I don't get many people who stop by to say "thanks", come to think of it.
There are lots of "you have a cow.....", "could you keep the dust/smell to a minimum?", and "I'm looking for a job" but no "thank you".

It's alright, we're not hiring anyway:).

Maybe this month each time you grab a gallon, or a pint or and look to the sky and give a silent thanks.
He's the one who needs to hear it anyway.

I'm gonna try my best to keep doing what I'm doing, with or without any gratitude directed my way, so go ahead and make it a prayer for dairymen and women everywhere.
We need it.

Oh, and thank you for being you:).



  1. If it weren't for milk, I couldn't enjoy coffee!


  2. Oh, Rachael, there is not a month devoted to pork. To find the best BBQ is a lifetime endeavor.


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