Thursday, June 28

A Conundrum

Part of my job is being able to solve some of lifes mysteries as they arise.
I am faced with at least one a day, each being very different.
Tuesdays' conundrum was not a let down.

I start each day very much the same you well know.
On my morning visit to the close up dry cow lot, I was so busy sliding into a deep depression over the lack of green on the horizon, that I almost didn't notice them.
YOU see them, right?

These two...or three as you can tell upon closer inspection.
I have trained you well.

What we have here is UNO baby-o and DOS mamas.
6690, on the left, is a crossbreed whom I bred to a Jersey.
7403, on the right, is annoying.

Suuuuuuure 7403, you want the glory without the work!
Every time I got close, both mothers started pawing the dirt and crowding the baby.
Then finally, they walked off.
...buncha biddies...

I let them go, since the baby was by no means in any danger of being mother-less.
Can't even see the baby in there can you?

Then, 3 hours later this happened.
6690's like, See? What did I tell you?  You will have your own!
She did.
7403 had a baby girl as well.

She's a cutie huh?

I have more pictures of 7403 than I care to have, because she's one protective mother!

Who?  Me? 
That's me, just a problem-solver.

I hope you stay cool and solve lifes mysteries today!


P.s. They are predicting TRIPLE digits the rest of the week.
Pray for me....

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