Sunday, June 10

Being Different

Sometimes when you're different, things can be hard.
Things that others find easy, can leave you quite scarred.

Maybe you're smaller, or slower, or need help more than some.
You could look different, or be quiet and your peers think you're dumb.

You grow up feeling like the underdog, always the last one picked.
You pray to be the same, hoping prayer will do the trick.

It seems like forever you plead, finally getting mad.
"Why can't I be the same? Why must I be so sad?"

He hears all of your whispers, and  He waits for the time.
After all the world cannot change on a dime!

What if everyone's prayers were answered right then?
Our lives would be a mess, just think of the sin!

It seems like you're in a dark place.
Your heart feels broken and you want to hide your face.

Time goes by, and each day it's still the same person in the mirror.
"Did I pray for the right things? Do I need to make it clearer?"

Eventually you stop trying to be like the others.
You embrace yourself, throwing off the covers!

"Why would I want to be someone I'm not?"
"I'm perfect just the way I am!  Different is hot!"

You sit down and realize that nothing you asked had been given.
Change happened from the inside, from your heart it was driven.

He taught you to love and accept yourself for who you are.
All of the years of trying to fit in had left no scar.

Be proud of being different, proud to be you.
His love is everlasting and it lives within you.


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  1. Heart warming messages that a few of us feel. Thank for God for blessing Rachael for sharing this message with her followers.
    You really need to wrtie more. Your gift with words, thoughts, feelings inspire me daily.
    Thank you God for Rachael and her love for others to share her thoughts with others. You help so many people I know I am one of them.


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