Tuesday, September 11

Why I'm Not a Rodeo Queen

I'm not a cowgirl.
I have cows and I'm a girl..er..lady, but not a bonafide, bronc-ridin-steer-wrasslin cowgirl.
But I have caught up on enough daytime tv to last a lifetime.  Ugh. What a waste.

So, here's the pre-pain killer deal...
Yesterday afternoon Chuck, my love-muffin, decided to come out and work with Gus.  He hasn't had much time lately to come out, and since the weather was glorious it was the perfect day!  Yes!

After working him in the round pen, I hopped on Gus to sort of feel him out.  He can be cranky and hard to handle, but he seemed fine.  No biggie. 

I rode him back over to Chuck and saidddddd, "He's fine, I think he's just curious today"............."I'll just ride him out of the field and into the dry cow lot."
So Gus knows where the gate is...as most horses do.  As soon as I started him up the hill toward the gate he got excited and started to pick up pace.  I was ready for this, so I was in the process of hunkering down a bit and getting a good seat when I realized his nose was to the ground and I was lurching forward...
He's fiiiinnnnneeeee, just curriioousss todayyyyy...I'm so stupid.

Evidently I rode the first buck fine, but the second one got me and flung me off the saddle where I landed on my lower back as if sitting in a chair. 
Aw crap. 

It knocked the breath out of me and I couldn't get up, but I could wiggle my toes.  That's something.
Chuck loaded me into the front of Beenie's car and before we pulled away I, sobbing uncontrollably, looked at Chuck and said, "ca...ca...can you tell Tim to feed the calves (sniff sniff)?  An...an...and put Kirra in the office?  An...an...and shut the gate? (sob sob sob)".
Yes I did.  Imma b'ness woman.

After 10 painful x-rays dad determined that there was no break, there could be a fracture but I was so jammed up it was hard to tell.  Well it hurts and I still couldn't walk.  Poop.

Chuck has really never had to take care of me before, but he has done a wonderful job.  From carrying me into the house (I'm heavier than I look), to giving me my medicine and "firefighter dragging" me around the house so I could go to the restroom...he has been there.  He even brought me a bowl of water so I could wash my face and brush my teeth.  He's my guy.

I am now rocking this awesome brace and sending people text messages that make no sense.

Don't act like you don't wanna be me:).
I can almost put my right foot down all the way, and I'm pretty robust so I think I will be back on the tractor by Thursday;).

Definitely not in the rodeo arena!


P.s. Anyone looking for a "spirited" horse???
I can make you a real deal!

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