Thursday, September 27

A Tree Grows in Mandi

Do you ever have so much going on in your head that, though you may not actually get anything tangible done, at the end of the day you.are.exhausted?
Ugh.  Story de mi vida.
If  "vida" means life, that is.

Right now my head is I could stand in the middle of the barn and wear myself out without taking a step.
I think you get my point.  Moving on.

So, um, helloooooo fall!
Hello hoodies (I love them), hello tall (non cow-poopy) boots, hello chapped lips (and washing a gazillion tubes of chapstick) and hello beautiful leaves!
I have already stocked up on pumpkin and made my first batch of dark chocolate chip pumpkin bars.
Be still my heart.

They are one of those recipes that you make, fall in love with, and vow never to make them unless you're giving them away!
There are 4 left and I'm pretty sure Chuck only had one...that means we have a ghost.

I look forward to pumpkin rolls, pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin swirled brownies, pumpkin sweet rolls, pumpkin bread...what have I forgotten?
A pumpkin hangover is what I'm talkin' about.

I haven't told you this yet, but I am super excited about throwing a baby shower for my bestie!!
Mandi is due in March, going to have a BOY and her shower is in November!!
I was gonna be all cool and not do much blue, do more of a fall-theme, ya know with hints of blue...then I went to Hobby Lobby and bought e-v-e-r-y-thing that said, "IT'S A BOY!".
I stick to my guns like that.

There is one thing that she will KILL me for telling you must know.
This happened the other day when I met her and our friend Erin out for dinner..just the 3 of us...and the guy who had a staring problem.  Ugh.  There's always one of those.  What's wrong with some girls chatting, giggling, and talking about placenta?
Wait...have you eaten yet?

OK, so there we were talking about having babies.  Two of the three of us have never experienced child labor but that's what happens when you get around a pregnant lady;
1.  You order water (but don't drink after her).
2.  You talk about labor.

I have learned this and seen enough movies and cows giving birth to the point that I feel like I can put my two cents in, OK?

"Strange rituals of birthing" was the topic of the evening. 
We talked about how some mothers eat the placenta, in like a fajita or milkshake or something.
Some mothers give birth in the bathtub or swimming pool, Mandi thought it was cool, then I told her to go watch "The Back-Up Plan" with J-Lo and getbacktome.
Then Erin brought up the fact that there are a few who will keep the afterbirth/placenta and plant it in the yard, signifying new life with a tree in its place.  I looked at Mandi, who was staring at Erin-mouth wiiiide open-and before Erin could finish her sentence I saw it coming.  Mandi, in utter shock, got 2 inches away from Erins face and said(rather loudly), "You mean THAT STUFF GROWS A TREE?!!!".
Bless her heart.
That's why sometimes it takes a village.

I love my friends and the comic-relief they bring to my life.

Have a great day!

P.s. What kind of tree would you be? o_O

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