Wednesday, September 5


So, because I am impatient, I am writing this via my Blogger app on my phone. This could get crazy is what I'm tryin to say.
Stay with me.

My work (and blog) computer gave out on me yesterday, so I am without it at the moment. Not a big deal except ITHASALLMYCOWSONIT!!!

I don't even know what minute I was Facebook stalking (oh, like you don't??) and the next thing I know, black screen. Uggghhhh.
You know what's next...a trip to the place where you walk in apologizing for the 6 inches of dust on the keyboard, while trying to decipher the strange language they are speaking. (Motherboard? Andwhattheheck is a megabyte anyway?)
Then, for some reason, they don't understand what your "cow program" is, even when you say, "it's like Facebook for bovine"...cuz you're smartlikethat.

They haven't called yet.

I hope you had a glorious Labor day holiday!

Mine was pretty cool.
For the past few months I have been kind of in a rut at work...and by that I mean (the Man's bringing me down!!!) I haven't been as quick to start something new.
I have been doing my work, taking care of my animals, but haven't had a lot of oomph!!
Very contemplative really.

Monday this changed.

I called the vet out to look at a Jersey cow who had gotten down. I couldn't figure out what had happened, especially since she was out in a field. She was 16 days away from calving, so something had to be done.

Dr. Kirksy came out and determined that she had broken her pelvis.
No good.

The only choice I had was to put her down and get the calf out...and pray that I could save it.

It was sad. I won't act like it wasn't.
These are my girls. They are my heart.
It's inexplicable, the feeling of loss followed by hope, followed by amazing grace. But it's still with me.

I came full-circle in a moment, and reaffirmed why I'm here.

This is all the reason I need.


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  1. Great post but I think I figured out what's wrong with your computer. All your cows are on it. That can't be good for it... Sorry, it's lame but sooo easy!
    And, love your perspective!


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