Tuesday, September 18

The Holy Spirit Scooched for Me....

Um, hello!
It's been a while, for a number of reasons really...there was the computer crash of 2012 for starters then the CowLady crash soon followed. 

We are both recovering nicely. Toshiba(Toshi for short) is good as new, whereas I am limping along:).
It's swagger...so I'm told.

I tried to go off the pain meds (the only one I am taking now is Ibuprofen, no more hardcore stuff, because I just cannot operate machinery when I turn into a Mermaid...) but had to come crawling back yesterday.  I went to the gym...tried to be all normal after I did my elliptical warm up successfully..and spent the rest of the day remembering that time in middle school when I had a stomach bug and though I was better, so I ate a HUGE bowl of granola cereal...we all know how that ended.

Things on the farm are pretty normal, it's underwater at the moment and my jeans are soaking wet from the pockets down, but I'm.still.cheerful..

I do need to tell you one thing, that may shock you....so take a seat....
I, Rachaelnonpeopleperson, joined a small group at Church....wait!
...and I'm excited.
There.  Whew!

I have been thinking on it for some time, or at least ever since they mentioned it.
You know how that goes.. hear it, think on it, let it marinate...then pull the trigger.
Nottomention, Sundays sermon was directed at me.
It's OK Pastor Brad, I have come to terms with it.

There I was Sunday, sitting alone, which I happen to enjoy, Chuck asks me every Sunday who I sit with and I always say, "Alone...except for the others, ya know Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  WhoelsedoIneed????".
I mean really.

Then he began to talk, and during his sermon he said to me "Are you the type of person who slides in when Church starts and doesn't make eye contact then finds a seat?".
This was when I slid allllll the way down in my seat and leaned over onto the seat beside me, the Holy Spirit scooched over, and propped up on my elbow.

Then he said to me, "Do you slip out before it's over and don't say anything to anyone?".
Finding myself in the floor at this point, it was fairly easy to slither underneath the seats where I found a penny...formythoughtsI'msure.

Pastor Brad ended with, "If this describes you then you should join a small group!" directed at me.
I got up and limped out.

I really did leave, but it was because my back felt like someone was pushing a screwdriver into my right hip (I wasn't a Mermaid at this time).
BUT, before I left I signed up for a group:).

I love Church because it makes you think, feel and reflect.  I love it because it is relevant to everything that happens every single day. 
I also love it because my pastor has a sense of humor:).

Wish me luck in my small group, or better yet, wish my small group luck with me!!



  1. Good job! I hosted a small group a year ago. It was good until the other parents showed up with their perfectly well-behaved, home-schooled children. The boys ate them alive. TheEnd.

  2. Love, love. I did the same thing. Sat alone, slipped out, all that. Joined a small group. Changed my life. I still sit alone but now I speak to people :) Small groups are crazy awesome. Plus, your cooking skills will be a huge hit!

    jen s.


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