Sunday, July 22

The Past Eleven Days

Oh! There you are! hasn't changed much around here.
There definitely haven't been any new posts..sheesh.
Wait. I can explain.

The last time I have had time to do anything was Mercys b-day.  Daaaaaw!
Please forgive me.
This may be a long post, but we have SO much to catch up on.

So...around eleven days ago we started chopping corn silage...wait...TIM started chopping corn silage.
Then it rained.
And rained.

During which time Chuck, my baby cakes, agreed to go have Dr. BossMan take a look at his back.
He does backs ya know.
BossMan that is.
Never mind.

It only took 8 months 1 day of threatening asking to get him to go..he's good to me like that.
Anyway, we booked our his appointment with Hammer, and I drug chauffeured Chuck to dads office.
Chuck got to meet all of the ladies who run the show at dads office, and he had x-rays done of his lower back.

Then we waited.
And waited.

Then dad, or Dr. BossMan, came in, didn't say one word to me, and made Chuck do a number of stretches.
I removed myself from the room since, obviously, my expert opinion wasn't needed.

Chuck was diagnosed with spondylolysis.
(Click on that yellowish word and you will see what I mean.)
Basically, and without using all of the medical jargon I am accustomed to using on a daily basis, he is missing a bone in his back.

Like, it never formed.

The only thing that will fix it would be a spinal fusion, involving rods and pins and duct tape and twine...and probably some tractor grease. tractor grease.

Soooooo....he got fitted for a brace...that is
Minus the clay mud.
Next thing you know they will be...talking.

After the Dr.'s visit, I returned to work just in time for a psychoanalysis from my therapist...Tim.
Sure, he chops, fixes things, says "s" instead of "th", and he's a therapist.

Let's just say that day didn't end well. forward two days...Eddie starts his "vacation" during which time he has Skip put into "foster care", and we start chopping. 
Like rock stars.

Now, normally it's Tim or BossMan chopping, Eddie hauling and moi packing.
WAIT!  Eddie's on "vacation" so whatdowedo????

Enter: Mercylicious.
17 year old, dump truck driving prodigy.
He's a ramblin' man.
6 wheels and a ton of corn are all this dude needs to put a smile on his face.
Oh, and Little Debbie cakes.

So the driver is covered..but what are we gonna do when CowLady has to, oh I don't know, do HER WORK AND EDDIES???


Enter: LuckyChuckey.
AKA "Leader of the pack".
When the dump truck's still haulin' and the cows are a bawlin' who you gonna call?

But for real, he helped me so much this past week.
Then he got 4 days mean, he had to go back to work.
Before this year he had never driven a tractor, now?
Shoot!  He has some mad skills.

He came to do the packing while I fed calves, and cows and did a number of other things including pulling the biggest calf I have ever pulled.

It was a bull, and I think he had a mustache and was paying child support when I finally got him out.
My hands still hurt.

All things considered it was a great week!
We got the first 150 acres chopped, and it all looks good.
I even got to go to Church today!!

Now, we wait for the rest of the corn to mature enough then it's game on, and I have a lot of catching up to do:).

Thank you for not forgetting me!!


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  1. So, how much does your 'Ssssherapist' charge?...


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