Saturday, July 28

Did You Know...

I have more un-published blog posts saved here than published?
Sometimes I'm too skeered to publish what I write.

I have made Sweetapolita's Campfire Delight cake 3X this.month.

I can make other things too!

I am seriously tossing around the thought of competing in figure again.
I won the only two times I competed...this creates quite a lot of pressure on myself.

My blog hasn't been the same for a while, and I know this, and I apologize.
There has been a lot on my mind lately...but it's coming together:).

Eddie is stilllllll not back at work, which means I am stilllllll doing his job and mine.
I'm finding it harder and harder to put "real" clothes on after I make it home and shower.
Must be nice in Eddies world.

Chuck might be getting us a dining room table today!

I guess this one wasn't cutting it anymore...

I agreed (wholeheartedly) to make dessert for my Churchs' Sportsman Expo coming up!
...they are planning on a minimum of 100...
I see 8 lbs of butter cream in my near future:).

I have been thinking a lot about forgiveness lately.
I am not sure why, but it has been on my mind.
Why is it so hard to forgive?
If He forgives us for doing the unspeakable/unthinkable/unimaginable...then why can't we forgive each other?

 I am making PWs steak fingers and gravy tonight for dinner!!!
...about that competition....
...and peach pie...

I narrowly escaped death-by-tractor last week.
I'll just walk, thanks.

I made an X-Cow today....

It's a long story.

This here blog hit 20,000 pageviews!!

We are inundated with furry little love-button-cutie-sugarpies!

I love them all.
So do the cows.

Who give them baths.
The cuteness will never end.



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  1. I had a comment, but then the duct tape cow caught my eye....

    Lucy! You got some splaining to do!


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