Sunday, July 8

Lord of the Calves

Hey, hi, happy Sunday!
Did you have a great 4th of July celebration?

Ours was great, very low key.  Family grilling out and playing corn hole...that's what it's all about.
Oh, and apple pie.

Nothing says Amurica like corn hole and apple pie, savvy?

One thing is for sure, it's hotttttt out.
You know what a great example of 'humidity' is?
Letmetellyou...humidity is when it rains on a Thursday, then doesn't rain for 2 days BUT there are still puddles on the ground.
THAT, friends and neighbors is humidity.

I have had to really up my water intake, because we all know the 6 liters/day isn't gonna cut it.
I now start the day with 1.5 liters, which I'm pretty sure I sweat out by 6am.
Hydration is key.

I finally got 13 homeless calves in hutches,I still have 5 who need homes and 2 just born today.
That brings me to a grand total of 31 calves on milk...Ideserveamedal.

By the by, you know what happens when you allow calves to be raised by a cow, with freedom to roam about in the barn as they please?
Have you ever read Lord of The Flies?
It's just like that, except they don't wear loin cloths, kill each other or become cannibals.
Other than that, it's very similar.

I am convinced these calves practice for the Olympic hurdles at night because it's dadgum impossible to keep them in their hutches.
Today is the first day I haven't been greeted by 3 bandits when I have gone to feed.

You know what else I deserve a medal for?
Converting Chuck to the dark side.
By 'dark side' I mean going to bed when it's still light out.
That doesn't make us old does it?
I mean, we aren't hitting up the Early Bird Special at the Picadilly cafe or anything, but we are in bed by 9.
It's awesome.

He is now on day shift so he has to get up when I do...imagine that!
That hour does exist!
Granted he does it for 4 then off 3, but still we are kinda on the same schedule.
I like it.

I now have more time to force him to spend with me, which opens up a whole new box of witty comments.
I'm dipping into the auxiliary sarcasm reserves!

It does help that he is working during the day now, because on the days I don't go to the gym I hit the trail in Maryville and run....during the hottest part of the day.
...I hear ya.

I have taken to texting him things like;
"Pink shorts and black tank top"
"If I am not back in 32 minutes I'M DEAD"

Speaking of....a girl, or lady I should say, was killed this past week when a tree fell on her.
She had the SAME NAME AS ME.
I won't lie, it weirded me out especially when I got textesesses, calls and messages.
I felt bad for her family and what they had to be going through...what a tragedy.

Maybe this is bad, and I shouldn't say it, but the calls and messages reminded me of how lucky I am.
To know, and have been able to know so many people from every stage of my life and to have a few of them send me a message to tell me they were "glad I was OK".
That touched me.
While I pray that the other Rachaels' soul is at peace, this Rachael is gonna take a few steps back, look around, and say....
"Thank you".


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  1. I had to read it twice, eventhoughihadalreadytalkedtoyou...

    Oh, and I can't foster any calves for you. Something about Captain being a meanie and the HOA....


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