Monday, July 9

21 Beenie St.

She may not be loud, 
Might prefer to blend in.
But behind those blue eyes,
There's a storm brewing within.

She's not the type to make drama,
There's value in simplicity.
But she stands up for what she believes,
Not forsaking authenticity.

She's the girl you want on your team,
Always there when you need her.
She brings strength and intelligence,
Born a true leader.

Blessed are the meek,
For the earth will be theirs.
Rightfully so,
She's not putting on heirs.

When you become a big sister,
The responsibility is great.
The choice of a sibling is not yours,
It's all left to fate.

I had the opportunity,
21 years ago today.
To hold a newborn baby,
Praying for God to pave her way.

She has grown so much since then,
Becoming her own person now.
Words cannot describe,
What feelings can allow.

Love, pride and protection,
Those are what I feel.
She will always be my baby sister,
No other bond could be more real.

I love you Beenie!
Happy Birthday


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