Sunday, May 5

Visiting the Outdoordogs

My dogherdingcousinAmy lives in a little town called Fuquay-Varina in North Cakalacky.
Ever heard of it?
Yeah, me either, but it is close to Apex and Cary...and probablyotherplaces.  My geography is not so good, but I can sing the "50 States" song!
ANYway...back to my lovely dogherdingcousin...

One word really sums up Amy, or Amo as some people call her..that word is "lovely".
She really is very lovely.
Lovely smile.
Lovely personality.
Lovely to be around.
Just gosh-darned lovely!

Amy has a fantastic blog which you can find here, called "Running With the Outdoordogs".  She is funny, charismatic, and...well...lovely.

Amy is married to Steve, who is every safety-patrol kids DREAM.
They have two boys, Beaux and Spruce, 3 dogs and one cat.
You might remember TomCat...from here.  
He's pretty much a celebrity.

When I arrived he was determined to show me he still has the moves...and a slight waddle.

Strangely enough Tom's favorite toy is Onyx..the black German Shepard.
They get along famously.
Onyx puts Tom in her mouth and he goes all feral and swings from her neck.

My dogherdingcousinAmy also has two Italian greyhounds, Thunder and Flash.
They are lean.
They are mean.
You can see through them.

This is a prime example of their favorite game...hide-and-seek.
This guy is the "hider"...all.the.time.
I got attached, I won't lie.

I had the opportunity to meet a lot of Amy's friends whom I had been wanting to meet!
Listen, Facebook stalking only gets you so far...don'tactlikeyoudon'tagree.

One thing is fo sho Amy has an awesome group of people to keep her entertained, and they are ALL now educated on how to collect semen from a bull.

She is blessed, but then again anyone who knows her could say the same.
Now, what you've all been waiting for....


Love and tiny see-through dogs,

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