Saturday, April 27

A Poem for My Lovee

Sometimes before you get to the best part of your life,
Plans change and and you are left with inner strife.
I found my peace, and God must have been watching me,
The day I met my Lovee.

The most beautiful gifts we get,
Are those we don't think we're ready for yet.
The best thing that has ever happened to me,
Tilts his head to the side, and with eyes filled with love, calls me "Bebe".

His heart is as big as the sky,
To say he lacks compassion would truly be a lie.
His hand holds mine,
Our lives forever intertwine.

I constantly feel undeserving of this man,
He is my saving grace, my rock on which I stand.
I once was lost, but the Angels found me,
And together we shall be, me and my Lovee.

Happy Birthday lovee!

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