Sunday, December 30

What Have I Done?

I am guilty of speeding occasionally.
Road rage creeps up on me at times.
I haven't always tithed at Church.
..and sometimes I say bad words.

Yet somehow, someway, I have managed to become so amazingly blessed that it is making me feel like I am living in some fantasy world.   Having said this I may wake up, but until I do I am going to be thankful for every second.

This is my second weekend in a row that I have had totally off.  Like, totally.
Not to mention I had 4 days off last week.  Ok, now I'm just bragging.
But for real, I'm also typing this on my new iPad...whaaaaat????
Yeah, totally bragging.

In truth I catch myself wandering occasionally around the house, like I'm not real sure what to do.  I clean a lot.  I gym longer than I used to.  I lay on the movie chair with my honey in the man cave and watch movies.
Is this a dream...or my new reality?
Maybe I shouldn't question, maybe I should just go with it.
Yeah, I'll just go with it;).

I love it.
I took Caden to school one day..the first time eva..and it was nice!
In all honesty, in hopes of making some sort of impact we listened to "Jesus music" the whole way there.  I prefer Christian rock  99% of the time thankyouverymuch, and maybe he kinda liked it instead of knowing every word to every Ludacris song out there.  No offense Luda, but you're not meant for 11 year olds.

I am learning so much in the small animal world, and getting my cattle fix in the form of 80-100 cows at a time....and that's just fine with me:).

I also learned last week about how condescending and rude people can be for no apparent reason.
Coincidentally it was simultaneously learned with the why-I'm-not-secretary-material lesson.
I need to become softer maybe, so things just roll off.  I'll work on that.

Until then I have a quiche in the oven and Church with my 2 best guys on the horizon.
I'm just breathing it all a new gift every day:).

Love and  new ipad struggles,

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