Sunday, December 9

I'm Not Tired


Between you, me and the internets I have been on vacation the last week.
ACTually, I do more on vacation.  After working the five day stretch and experiencing the weekend all I can say is...what?
What is all the complaining about? What? What? What?

OK, I'm done complaining.  Sorry.
I should take everyone's advice and just reeelaxxx.  ButICan't!  I have to do something
I held a dog, a couple of sheep legs and some horses this week...and the cleaning.  Don't even get me started.  But hey, it's a pretty cool place.  I saw a surgery like thisclose up before I cleaned the room.  It was a horse with a fracture and, hold for trivia time, did you know that the riskiest part of knocking a horse out is not the anesthesia, nor the surgery itself, rather the waking up part?  Holy padded room Batman.  That's a very scary time. 

I will say this, it is the off-season as far as horses go, and there just really isn't much going on.  This is great for someone, like moi, who needs to learn how to properly put a catheter in before the ICU gets slammed and allofthesudden there are 6 colic cases that come in and I'm over here all like "well let's just tie its head to its leg and get this dance over with"...yeah cuz that's what you do with cows.  Not horses Rachael.
Horses are different.
Horses are more fragile than cows, Rachael.
Well, I can tell you about a horse who is about as fragile as a Water Buffalo, thank ya.

Which brings me to tomorrow...I received a call from my friend Dr. Kirksy on Friday, and he asked me to help breed 150 beef cows on Monday.  Hallelujah Chorus, Angels, twinkling lights....
Home.  That's home for me.
I called the head technician and asked if they would have a problem with me doing that tomorrow and they said not at all.  So...heck yesssss!
Give me cows, give me smelly, ornery cows any day.

I had an experience this morning that pretty well says it all.  I walked into Church right at the beginning of praise time and realized that I hadn't breathed out deeply all week.
Fish out of water?  Yeah.
Different everything? Oh yeah.
I stood there, singing quietly, and wrung my hands the entire time.  Couldn't stop.
Slowly as worship continued, I could feel myself letting go and sending all of the anxiety and tension somewhere it could be dealt with better than I could ever deal with it.  I was thinking a million things from my new job, to praying for my old one, and left service this morning feeling like all of the pieces had been put back together.  Awesome. Powerfully awesome.

So what now?  Well tomorrow I go breed cows for Dr. Kirksy and Tuesday I go back to my new job.  I am grateful for my new opportunity but I know this isn't over;).

Thank you to everyone who has sent me messages and prayers.  You are more than I could dream of.


P.s. This is Rowdy, the blind wonder, I know I haven't shared her post-incident picture here before:).

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