Wednesday, November 28

No Bull

Soooooo...what's up?
Let me just go ahead and tell you that there is a lot going on in the world of me.  Like a lot a lot.
I have to buy exactly half of the grocery store after work today, a quarter of the liquor store, make lasagna, bake a cheesecake, make a chocolate cake, jalapeno poppers annnnnd fire Witty comebacks at my husband while NOT getting covered in any of the above.
So much, so much.

I seem to have fallen, gracefully I think, into some catering gigs as of late and let me just say, I'm diggin it like MC dug some gold Hammer pants back in the day.
OK, so maybe with a tad less enthusiasm.

NOT to mention, Sunday, like a few days from now, is my last day on the farm.   Major tears are waiting in the wings for this.
But I gots to do what I gots to do, right?
There's this thing about me leaving the farm...actually it's a they and they come with the package. (That's me, I'm the package FYI).
My doggies!  Kirra(aka "Peepers" aka "Peepy-peeperstein" aka "Peepy-peeperson") and Rowdy(aka "Roozie" aka "Roozer-my-dozer" aka "The blind wonder dog") (don't you already feel sorry for our kids?).
Anyway, so my girls are coming to live with Charles and I at our estate, where they will eat caviar and drink filtered water....heh.  I kid.
But they will have a brand new fenced in back yard(if the fence people come) and a big soft bed(fingers crossed for in the house...I could use your support here) somewhere!  Woot!
They really are sweet girls and they will be happier at our house.  Kirra won't eat nearly as many grains, as we don't generally have corn kernels scattered on the floor, and Rowdy might not run into nearly as much.  Win.  All around.

What will I do?  As much as I would love to read food blogs, bake, cook, clean the house, and NOT fold laundry, I gots bills to pay.  Ugh.
Starting Monday I will have a position as a large animal veterinary technician at a local(and very renowned) large and small animal practice.
I have a list of duties, the majority of them dealing with horses...I'll give you a minute....
Ready?  (My back hurts by.the.way..)
OK, assisting with large animal and small animal procedures, preforming procedures, analysis, riding with vets and assisting them, ICU work, etc, etc, etc.

It's a lot like what I have been doing...only not at all...and with horses not cows.
But, eh.  There's a lot to be said for someone who knows their way around large animals, and has common sense.  (Both qualities are severely lacking in our society justsoyouknow).
So that's what I will be doing.  The end.

Oh, and this whole cooking, baking, catering thing is very much a part of my future I hope:).
We will see.

Will I still have this blog...uh..does my husband have Christmas decor from the 80's?
Heck yes!

I hope that's OK, I know it is such a huge part of everyone's day....chirp chirp...

Oh, and before I go do something extremely important, I want to share this video with you.
I took it yesterday, while sitting in the truck refusing to get out'll see.

We(Teddie) were loading up a heifer who had calved early out in the heifer fields...they aren't supposed to do that there.  So, Daddio here was not too happy about us invading his space.
Before I started the video, I was backing the trailer to the barn to load the heifer and the bull was standing behind the trailer head-butting it.
They have really hard heads.

*Disclaimer...NO bulls were harmed during the taking of this video.  The only weapons present were the window roll-up button and my squeal...and that's no bull!



  1. 110% behind you over here babe. I know that the Awesome will be invading the Veterinary Practice the minute you arrive. And for the record...80's decor is where it's at.

  2. I'm so EXCITED for you!!!!!! and for me I was wondering about the we are both WINNERS!!!!yea

  3. Glad you're still going to be working with animals! Good luck on the new job.


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